Scientific Study Finding “The Christian Religion Makes People Fat” Is A Plot By Evil

The news story that is the basis for this blog post describes a study “that found religion associated with obesity”. The story is one of the Plots By Evil to make people weak and easy to control.

Modern society has been propagandized by another Plot By Evil to believe obesity is bad. By connecting obesity to religion in the study, the Forces Of Evil are indirectly propagandizing people that religion must be bad because it will make them obese. 

Obesity is not necessarily bad. Obesity is frequently associated with strong development of the Yin part of the body. The development of the Yin part of the body is traditionally associated with good health, a strong spirit, and keen mental faculties.

Please examine the following picture of a statue depicting a well known religious figure named “Buddha”.


The statue of Buddha shows a big man with a big round belly. The statue is a depiction of the type of healthy fatness or obesity associated with development of the Yin part of the body. The fatness of the Buddha is not the negative type of fatness that comes from inactivity and overeating.

Why does development of the Yin part of the body make a human being look fat like the statue of the Buddha?

All human bodies have a center that is located approximately in the stomach. That center behaves like a sphere. Development of that center imparts the body look demonstrated by the statue of the Buddha. Buddha’s big fat belly is not a mass of fat from eating too much, it is the front of the sphere in the center of his body that has become very large through participation in religious activities.

The next picture shows what an early stage “Religious Fat Belly” looks like in a real life religious human being.


Because the religious man is younger and in the early stages of the development of the Yin part of his body, his “Religious Fat Belly” might be hard to see clearly. The arrows in the next picture highlight it’s location.

Participation in religious activities does not guarantee the development of the Yin part of the body or a “Religious Fat Belly” as the example picture shows. The appearance of the older man’s body indicates he has less Yin development than the younger man.

An observation supporting that conclusion is the positioning of the young man’s hands behind his back,


while the older man is holding his hands in front of him with the right arm held in a rigid way.

The younger man feels more comfortable holding his arms behind his back because the arms naturally move backwards as a “Religious Fat Belly” grows and moves forwards.

It would be natural to wonder why the older religious man does not have a “Religious Fat Belly” since he is older and religious. If the younger man has a “Religious Fat Belly”, then the activities of the religion the men belong to must develop the Yin part of the body. So it must be something the older man is doing outside of his religion that has interfered with the development of his “Religious Fat Belly”.

The exact way the older man’s head rotates to his left,


and his previously noted rigid looking right hand,

are body changes that are associated with Right Hand Masturbation.

Masturbation will tend to freeze the body in whatever posture the individual holds when they masturbate. The exact way the older man’s right arm and hand are held look like the way a man would hold his right arm and hand to perform masturbation.


The exact way the older man’s head rotates to the left would be influenced by Right Hand Masturbation, because masturbation makes the entire body react as if a large penis is rising up through the body in approximately the location shown in the next picture. 


As that large penis extends upwards along the right side of the body in response to the act of masturbation, it pushes the head out of the way, over to the left.

Left Hand Masturbation would cause a large penis to extend up along the left side of the body and force the head to rotate to the right.

The next picture shows a different man with a “Religious Fat Belly”.

The fact the man is from a different religion than the first two example men supports the claim that all religions are associated with development of the Yin part of the body and a “Religious Fat Belly”.

Here is a picture of men from the Hindu religion.

The Hindu man on the right has a “Religious Fat Belly”,

as does the Hindu man on the left.

This picture shows what a “Religious Fat Round Belly” looks like when someone is purposefully pushing it out.


This picture demonstrates that strong Yin development and “Religious Fat Belly” is not just associated with Religion. The man in the picture is a Kung Fu fighter. The practice of Kung Fu is also associated with strong Yin development. That means the body look that has been called “Religious Fat Belly” up to this point, could be renamed “Yin Fat Belly” to cover all cases where this type of belly is found.

Now take a look at the comparison picture of the real life human being with “Religious Fat Belly” and the statue of the Buddha with a “Religious Fat Belly”.


Does the real life man or the statue of the Buddha look like they are sick or weak like obese people are supposed to be sick and weak? No they don’t. The Buddha has a big happy smile on his face and the real life man looks strong and happy.

This post has shown why the Forces Of Evil want to connect religion to obesity in this “scientific study” they have released to the public. If they can convince the public that that religion will make them obesity, sickness, and weakness, they will never gain the physical and mental strength associated with strong Yin development, which means they will be weak and easy to control. 


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