Eliminating The Tradition Of Carrying Water On The Head Is A Plot By Evil

The news story this blog post is based on is about plans to replace traditional carrying of water on the head with barrels that can be rolled along the ground.

The goal of this Plot By Evil is to weaken women so they can no longer be strong mothers, wives, and grandmothers.

It is common in many different cultures for the women to transport water by carrying it on their head. Carrying water on the head is an exercise that builds the internal strength of the human body. Internal strength is associated with women, so any exercise that built that strength would be beneficial for them.

That training of the internal part of the body begins at a young age as demonstrated by this picture of children carrying water on their head.

While carrying water on the head may be unpleasant and physically stressful, the act really is no different than any other exercise. Most exercises are considered unpleasant, but people perform them anyways because they know the long term benefits outweigh the short term unpleasantness.

It is the opinion of the author that the Forces Of Evil are trying to weaken women in cultures where carrying water on the head is traditional, by offering them rolling barrels to transport water in. An example of one of the rolling barrels is shown in this picture.

Pushing the handle of a rolling barrel does not build the internal strength of the body, nor does it develop the balance of the body the way that carrying water on the head does. Pushing the handle of a heavy water filled barrel will build of more of an external or male type of strength in the arms and back.

The next picture will be used to demonstrate the strong internal strength that is developed by carrying water on the head.

The picture shows an Indian woman who has carried water on her head as part of her life in India, and some women from unknown western cultures who have never carried water on their heads in their lives.

The proof that carrying water on the head strengthens the body internally comes from observing the differences between the body of the Indian woman and the bodies of the Western women.

The comparison can start anywhere. One of the most obvious differences between the Indian woman and the Western women is that all of the Western women are bending one of their arms to hold onto the water jug.

There is also a hard to see Western women who is using only one arm to hold onto the water jug while her other arm hangs free.

In contrast, the Indian woman has both of her arms extended up to the top of the water jug to hold onto it.

The significance of the difference in arm positions is that the Indian woman has two strong arms while the Western woman only have one strong arm. Carrying water on her head during her daily life gave the Indian two strong arms.

It is not just the arms of the Indian woman that are strengthened by carrying water on her head. Her legs and body are stronger, and her overall balance is better.


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