Baby Foot Stabbing

Baby Foot Stabbing is a Plot By Evil whose goal is to inhibit or stunt the growth of the Yin part of the body in a baby.

“Baby Foot Stabbing” is a sensationalistic sounding phrase. What does it mean exactly?

“Baby Foot Stabbing” is the phrase this blog entry uses to refer to the practice of stabbing a needle into the foot of a newborn baby.

Baby Foot Stabbing is ostensibly done to collect blood. But actually Baby Foot Stabbing is a Plot By Evil to inhibit the Yin development of the baby.

The first step in supporting that claim is to take a look at how really tiny baby feet are.

This picture shows a closeup of a tiny babies foot held by the hand of an adult,


one of whose fingers,


is almost as big as the entire heel of the tiny babies foot.


The next picture shows the finger of an adult being stabbed to draw blood.

It was previously demonstrated that an adult finger was approximately the same size as the heel of a babies foot.


A copy of the needle used to prick the finger of the adult is then pasted onto the picture of the baby’s foot to show just how gigantic the needle looks compared to the tiny.


It is inconceivable to deny the baby’s foot is going to be hurt by forcing a piece of steel of the size shown in the picture into it. There can be no doubt the baby is going to experience pain from having that huge foreign object shoved into it’s foot.

In fact, the example image showing someone performing Baby Foot Stabbing verifies your common sense. Examination of that picture shows the baby is holding it’s hand up to it’s head in the universal way any human being experiencing pain holds their hands up to their heads when they experience unbearable pain.


How exactly is Baby Foot Stabbing inhibiting the development of the Yin part of the body?

Baby Foot Stabbing specifically inhibits the Yin development in the leg attached to the foot of the baby that was stabbed. It is first necessary to know some basic information about the Yin part of the body and how it normally functions before explaining how Baby Foot Stabbing interferes with Yin development can be done.

The first bit of information it is necessary to know about the Yin part of the body is that it can be treated as if it is an independent and intelligent organism within the body. The behavior of the Yin part of the body is only equivalent to a limited animal kind of intelligence, but it does qualify as intelligent

The necessary information on the normal behavior of the Yin part of the body will be presented using an adult human body instead of the body of a baby because it is easier to see things on the large body of an adult.


When a baby is born, the Yin part of the body can be visualized as being concentrated in the stomach.


The first thing that happens after the baby is born is that the Yin in the stomach wants to travel out from the stomach to every other part of the body of the baby. In the case of the legs that would mean the Yin would first extend itself out from the stomach and down towards the legs,


then the Yin would travel down through and permeate the legs,


and ultimately into the foot.


Understanding how Baby Foot Stabbing interferes with the Yin development of a baby is nothing but common sense after the just presented explanation.

It was just stated that the first natural action of the Yin part of the body was to extend down into the babies feet. And what is the very first thing that the nurse does to the baby? The nurse takes a big steel needle and jams it right into the babies foot,


that is full of the Yin that extended down from the stomach.


It was previously stated the Yin part of the body could be treated as if it was intelligent. What is the first thing an intelligent organism does when it experiences pain? It withdraws.

So Baby Foot Stabbing inhibits the development of the Yin part of the body in whichever leg is attached to the foot that is stabbed, by making the Yin part of the body afraid and cautious of extending itself down to the foot where it encountered that terrible stabbing pain.

In terms of the overall body, Baby Foot Stabbing will make the baby “crippled”, meaning that the baby will grow up with one strong leg that is full of Yin because the Yin part of the body is not scared to go into that leg, and a weak leg that is weak because the Yin part of the body remembers that when it first extended itself down into that leg, it experienced agony when someone stabbed it with a big piece of steel.

For those readers who reject or feel uncomfortable with the concept of the Yin part of the body, the reasoning still applies. Whether it is the Yin part of the body withdrawing itself from the pain of Baby Foot Stabbing, or if it is the brain of the baby that is withdrawing a part of itself from one of it’s feet in reaction to Baby Foot Stabbing, the end result is the same. The baby grows up with one weak leg. And those who are educated about the Yin part of the body know that if one of the legs are weak, the entire rest of the body will be similarly weakened, including the personality, emotional stability, and mental acuity of the individual.



It has come to my attention that a news article was released stating “of course babies cry and feel pain when blood is taken from their feet. But it is not a big deal”. The thrust of the article seemed to be likening taking blood from the foot of a baby as something like a pin prick. Yes it hurts, but you get over it quick.

The reaction that is being described in this article as the goal of the Forces Of Evil, to make the baby hesitant to put it’s foot down because it associates that foot with the pain of blood taking, is not like a pin prick that hurts for a minute and goes away. That news article does not rebutt or debunk what is said in this blog entry because it does not address the issue brought up in this blog entry.

The reaction of a baby to baby foot stabbing that is desired by the Forces Of Evil, making the baby hesitant to put it’s foot down which will lead to that leg being weak because it is not used properly, is similar to your reaction when you are stabbed in the foot.

Have you ever stepped on a nail or pin or piece of glass before?

Then you had to sit down to remove the object from your foot? When you stood back up, did you just walk away as if your foot was uninjured? Of course not. When you put down the foot that had the nail in it, it hurt didn’t it? It hurt so much that you did what?

You jerked your foot back up off of the ground didn’t you?

That is exactly the reaction the Forces Of Evil are forcing on newborn babies by stabbing them in the foot. The baby never wants to put any pressure on that foot because it hurts. Even just waving the foot around in the air hurts the baby.

Stabbing a baby in the foot causes much more of a reaction than just a little “ouchie” like a pin prick that goes right away.

Stabbing a baby in the foot makes the baby feel like you feel when you step on a 1/4 inch diameter nail.


  1. Having strange ideas is one thing, but putting them on the internet like this clearly shows you need help. There is no forces of evil. There is just people with minds that produce an endless stream of nonsense. There is however, haldol, that could be very helpful for your deluded mind.

    1. But isn’t a baby being hurt by being stabbed in the foot with a relatively large metal object?

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