Pyramid Shaped Body Parts 11 – Shaolin Boy

According to The Pyramid View Of The Human Body, the human body behaves as if there is a pyramid within it located approximately as shown in this picture.

Corroborating evidence for that claim comes from the fact that pyramid shapes can be found all over a human body in any imaginable pose that body may be holding.

This series of blog entries is dedicated to providing examples of the pyramid shapes that can be found all over the human body.

The example picture for this blog entry shows a young boy who is a member of a Shaolin monastery.

The boy is holding his arms in what looks like a “praying hands” type of gesture. That gesture is also used as a gesture of respect in Kung Fu, which is the Chinese name for hand to hand combat systems.

The practice of Kung Fu and the physical training for Shalin monks has been refined over centuries. It is not a coincidence that the gesture the young boy creates pyramids all over his body.

According to the author, the true purpose of that gesture is to create and strengthen those pyramid shapes. Strengthening those pyramid shapes provides a framework within the body on which Kung Fu practitioners and Shaolin monks can base the martial arts feats they are known for on.

The hand gesture creates pyramids out of the arms,

the forearms and the hands,

the elbows and the neck,

and the elbows and the base of the palms.

The hands themselves also form a small pyramid.

There is a pyramid shape created by the elbows and the groin,

as well as the elbows and the top of the head.

There is also the ever present pyramid formed by the shoulders and the top of the head.

The effect of performing that gesture on the boys body can be seen already, even at the very young age he is. His head has a very strong and well defined shape to it.

Although it may be difficult to make out, it looks like there is a duplicate of the pyramid made by the hands on the boy’s face.

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