Pyramid Shaped Body Parts 04 – Presenting A Headdress

According to The Pyramid View Of The Human Body, the human body behaves as if there is a pyramid within it located approximately as shown in this picture.


Corroborating evidence for that claim comes from the fact that pyramid shapes can be found all over a human body in any imaginable pose that body may be holding.

This series of blog entries is dedicated to providing examples of the pyramid shapes that can be found all over the human body.

The example picture for this blog entry shows a man placing a headdress on the head of another man.


Each arm of the man holding the headdress forms a pyramid with it’s respective shoulder.


Lines drawn along the man’s forearms and extended out along their natural path form a pyramid shape.


There is also a pyramid shaped formed by the man’s upper arms and his back.


The fact that the various body parts form pyramids or triangles may seem like a trivial thing to some readers. That attitude would most likely be the result of a lack of education.

The science of Engineering relies on triangles to describe how the physical world works. The fact that there are triangles all over the human body means the science of Engineering can be applied to the human body to describe how it works in scientific terms.

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