Pyramid Shaped Body Parts 03 – Group Seated Prayer

According to The Pyramid View Of The Human Body, the human body behaves as if there is a pyramid within it located approximately as shown in this picture.

 Corroborating evidence for that claim comes from the fact that pyramid shapes can be found all over a human body in any imaginable pose that body may be holding.

This series of blog entries is dedicated to providing examples of the pyramid shapes that can be found all over the human body.

The example picture for this blog entry shows a group of people praying while they are seated.

The forearms of all of the people praying form a pyramid,

pyramids are formed by each arm and the shoulder on the same side of the body,

and a pyramid is formed by the shoulders and wrists of each person.

That pattern of pyramids created by putting the hands in a praying position is one of the reason the act of praying is performed by raising the hands up and pressing them together in front of the body. That act strengthens all of those pyramids in addition to other pyramids in the body that are not highlighted in this post.

All of those triangles together form a rectangle.

A rectangle constructed from triangles as shown in the picture produces strong rectangles. If praying strengthens each of the triangles the rectangle is composed of, then praying can be said to strengthen the entire rectangle.

Are you getting some feeling for what the actual purpose of praying is? While some people may use the act as a ritual they perform while they speak to a deity, the praying hands gesture also strengthens and aligns the body.

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