How Are The Holes In A Living Creature Constructed?

What is a hole? That depends on what you are talking about. A hole is usually thought of as a three dimensional cavity in some kind of material. Here is a picture of an example hole.

The picture shows a cavity in the center of a tree trunk. The cavity is circular in appearance and has depth to it. If the question was asked “how is a hole created in a solid material like wood?”, the answer would be something like “a hole is formed in a solid material like wood by removing material from the solid”.

Holes can be found in the body of living creatures. The next series of pictures shows some of the holes in the human body. 

The eyes are located inside holes,

the ears have holes in them,

the nose has holes in it,

and the mouth is a hole.

Each of the above holes looks like the hole in the tree.

but they must have been created by a different method. Why? Because living creatures are not created from solid blocks of material. The bodies of living creatures grow outwards from a single point, so it seems most likely the holes in a living organism are created by surrounding some space with parts of the body of the creature.

How exactly does the body of a living creature surround a hole in it’s body? That answer to that question is not as simple as it might immediately seem. There are a number of ways an empty space could be surrounded by the material of a living creatures body.

Here is a drawing of a simple hole.

The mouth of the hole is at the top. The two lines are the outside boundaries of the hole. The area within the vertical lines is the actual hole itself.

One method of creating a hole like the one in the drawing above would be to surround the width of the hole with some number of horizontal layers as demonstrated in this drawing. 

Or the hole could be formed by surrounding the length of the hole with some number of straight vertical sections as depicted in this image.

Both of those methods lack the necessary structural strength and flexibility to function in the body of a living creature. The vertical panel method of surrounding a hole can be modified though to show how the holes in the bodies of living creatures are constructed

First the picture is modified by drawing curved lines from the outside of the hole to the center of the hole. 

Then the straight lines on the side of the hole are changed to curved lines that are extensions of the curves on the top of the hole.

The curved lines and the “panels” created in between each pair of lines are spirals. According to Happeh Theory, all holes in all living organisms behave as if they are constructed of spiral panels like the ones in the picture above. 

The following series of pictures have spirals superimposed over one of the holes in the body to help with visualizing what they look like.

First a picture with spirals on the eyes.

then a spiral on the ear hole,

a spiral on a nostril,

and a spiral on the mouth.

Knowing how the holes in the body of a living creature are constructed can be helpful in a variety of ways.

Someone aware of the spiral nature of the holes in the body could perform a more knowledgeable diagnosis of a health problem associated with that hole. Instead of treating a hearing problem for instance, as some problem with one of the component parts of the ear, the integrity of the spiral that creates the ear hole would also need to be considered.

 Knowledge of the spiral construction of the body is necessary for any human being who plans on turning their body into a superior human body. The individual who attempts to reach those heights of physical development will never reach the pinnacle without knowing the holes in the human body behave as if they are constructed from spirals.

Is is the position of the author that awareness of the spiral nature of the holes in the body, as well as the spiral nature of the rest of the human body, was the inspiration for many if not all of the significant inventions of mankind, including philosophical ideas, religious beliefs, cultural rituals and practices, and most physical creations.

As with most of the claims about the human body made by Happeh Theory, there is really only one way to absolutely prove these claims are true. The individual is going to have to take the actions required to change their body into a superior human body, and once those changes begin to take place, see if they can feel what has been described.

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