Health Diagnosis Via Observation Of The Pyramid Within The Body

According to The Pyramid View Of The Human Body, the human body behaves as if there is a pyramid inside of it located approximately as shown in this picture.


Any change in the size, shape, location, and orientation of the pyramid associated with a human body would be indicative of some health problem. Using The Pyramid View Of The Human Body is useful because it is so simple. Everyone knows what a pyramid looks like and how they are normally oriented so spotting a change in the pyramid of another human being is trivial.

For example. Please examine the following picture of a woman sitting at a table.


The pyramid associated with the woman’s body should look like the one drawn in on the next picture.


The woman’s head is tilted to her right which puts part of her head outside of the pyramid.


The definition picture of The Pyramid View Of The Human Body shows the head centered within the peak of the pyramid.


Since the woman’s head is not inside the peak of her pyramid as it should be according to The Pyramid View Of The Human Body,


the woman would be diagnosed as having a health problem of some kind.

Health Diagnosis using The Pyramid View Of The Human Body is that easy.

An alternative method of using The Pyramid View Of The Human Body for health diagnosis is to treat the pyramid associated with a human body as if it originates in the head,


that extends down to the ground,


instead of treating it as a stable object planted on the ground that the human body is centered within.

That method is useful in determining where an unhealthy body thinks the current orientation and location of the pyramid associated with it is. The woman’s body for example, is behaving as if her pyramid has shifted and changed shape as shown in this picture.


Her pyramid would move to the right like that only if her body was falling down to the right. The pyramid is acting like a brace at that location to prevent further leaning or falling down. The observer performing a health diagnosis on the woman would conclude the right side of her body has either shrunken or become weakened in some way that makes it unable to hold itself upright. The exact location and size of the pyramid will point to what part of the body is responsible for the weakening and shrinking of the right side.

It would be reasonable to argue the location of the woman’s head was a purposeful one chosen by free will and not the result of a health problem. Other observations about the picture indicate that is not the case. The health problem indicated by her misaligned pyramid is supported by other observations about the condition of her body.


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