Energy Linkage Example 01

According to Happeh Theory the human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy”. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel away from the body across a distance, and it can influence other living creatures. This blog entry provides an example of energy traveling from one human body to another human body and triggering a reaction in that other human body.

The example is a short video clip showing a woman approaching and then speaking to a man. Please watch the video and form an impression of what you see.

At about the 7.5 second mark the man reaches up with his right hand and looks like he is rubbing his eye.


It might seem like the man is doing nothing more than reaching up to rub his eye, but actually he is reacting to the energy of the woman. 

When the woman first walked up to the man she was standing up straight.


The woman then moves closer to the man and leans towards him.


Towards the end of the woman’s speech she lifts her head up to emphasize what she is saying.


When the woman gestures with her physical head and body,


the invisible right hand of her energy body reaches up to the top of her head, 


in the same way the man’s physical right hand does when he reaches up and sticks his right finger in his eye.


The man also opens his mouth wide in reaction to the woman opening her mouth wide.


This next picture has a copy of the man’s right hand re-sized and superimposed on the woman’s body in such a way that it looks like it is poking her in the eye.


Doesn’t the copied arm look like it “fits” in with the posture of the rest of her body?

Since energy is invisible, the reader who cannot see the effects of energy will have to study examples such as this one to train themselves on what energy interaction or energy influencing looks like. The study will be confusing in the beginning because it will be tempting to ascribe all of the movements of a particular individual to the movements of the energy bodies of the people around the individual.

It would be easiest for the interesting individual to look for “obvious” examples of energy influencing like the one in this example. The thing to look for is movements that seem to have no purpose. The man reached up and rubbed his eye for no real reason. It is not dusty in the scene and there does not appear to be any other external reason for him to so dramatically reach up and rub his eye while opening his mouth.

When those kinds of apparently unexplainable movements are observed, it is usually the case the individual is reacting to the energy of someone around them.

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