Dome Heads

Why are Dome Heads of significance?


Because the dome on the top of dome head,


is not just a dome.


The dome on a human head is only the top of what can be visualized as a large sperm,


or a large worm.


The majority of the large sperm or large worm is sunken into the body.


It is just the head of the worm that creates the dome on the head of the human being. 


Common sense should tell the reader that a human being with a strong, well defined dome on their head like the one in the example picture,


will also have a strong, well defined worm inside of their body.


( It is the strong worm within the body that initially creates the dome on the human head. It is not the strong dome on the head making the worm within the body strong. )

  By extension, human beings who do not have an obvious dome on their head, or human beings with a relatively small and undeveloped dome on their head, will have a small or weak sperm or worm inside of their body.

The strength or weakness of the sperm or worm within the body is directly related to the strength or weakness of both the physical human body seen in a mirror, and the mental powers and abilities of the individual. That is why it is beneficial to learn about Dome Heads and peruse examples of them.

Learning about Dome heads and looking at examples of them will show the reader what they have the possibility of becoming, if they live a proper life and exercise in a way beneficial to the growth and strengthening of the worm or sperm inside of the body.

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