Who Has Something To Hide – The Daily Insight – 3-14-12

Here is the example picture for today’s blog entry.

The picture shows a large group of people watching some event. There is always something intriguing to find in a group picture of human beings if enough time is spent pondering what the picture shows. There is a person or people who are hiding from the cameraman taking the picture. Please take some time to examine the photograph and see if you can figure out who is hiding.

An initial examination of the picture might lead some to conclude that there is one person hiding, and that person is the woman whose face is hidden as she bends over to talk to someone next to her.

While it is true the woman could be described as “hiding”, she is not the person or person’s who are hiding.

A clue to help figure out who is hiding is realizing that the President Of The United States is sitting next to the Prime Minister Of Britain in the front row.

With the attention now focused on the President and Prime Minister, some people might feel that the black man behind the Prime Minister Of Britain is the person who is hiding.

The reasoning for that choice would be that  much of his body is obscured by the Prime Minister in front of him in a way that almost looks like he is hiding behind the Prime Minister.

The black man is not the person or person’s who are hiding. The person or person’s who are hiding are actually very easy to spot if you really look at the example picture.

There are two men in the back of the picture who are holding up their cameras in front of their faces to hide their faces.

Why would those two men try to hide their faces from the camera? They must be guilty of something right? They are fearful their real identities would become public.

Who could someone like that be? It isn’t hard to figure out if you keep in mind the fact the President Of The United States and the Prime Minister Of Britain are in the picture.

The two men are Israeli security operatives. What is it about them that identifies them as Israelis, since they have covered their faces with a camera?

Israelis can be identified by their dome like heads.

and security operatives always have fatforearms.

Besides finding out who was hiding in the picture, is their any other lesson the reader can take with them from this blog entry? Sure there is. Another obvious and easy one.

In any picture you look at, if anyone in the picture “just happens” to be holding a camera directly in front of their face so their face cannot be seen, they are a police officer, some type of military personnel, or a security operative of some kind.

Still doubt what you have read above? Take a look at the next picture.

What do you see in the picture? A man with a camera in front of his face. Like the two Israeli security agents.

Who do you think the man in the new picture is?

He is a Chinese security agent.

The Chinese security agent is hiding his face from the man taking his picture by pretending to take a picture himself, just like the Israeli security agents are hiding their faces by pretending to take a picture.


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