Happeh Theory And Egyptology

Ancient Egyptian culture is strongly associated with pyramids. A pyramid is an object with a rectangular base and four triangular sides that rise upwards to meet at a point. The picture below shows a profile view and an overhead cutaway view of a pyramid.


The Pyramid View Of The Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models of the human body created for Happeh Theory, states “the human body can behave like a pyramid that is centered and aligned on the actual human body approximately as shown in this picture.


The base of the Pyramid corresponds to the feet of the human body,


while the top of the Pyramid reaches to just slightly over the top of the head.


The next picture shows a profile view of The Pyramid View of the Human Body.


The people of ancient Egypt were aware of the pyramid within the human body and they incorporated that knowledge into every aspect of their culture. The Great Pyramids of Egypt like this one,


were built as monuments to the pyramid within the human body.

Knowledge of the pyramid within the human body was also incorporated into the clothing of ancient Egypt as demonstrated in this picture showing a woman who looks like a pyramid because of the clothing she is wearing. 


Further examples of clothing that makes the human body look like a pyramid can be found here.

The creation of headwear was also influenced by the knowledge of the pyramid within the body, as can be seen in this picture of a hat making the man’s head look like the top of a pyramid.


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