Health Diagnosis Via Observation Of The Head, Otherwise Known As “Phrenology”

Phrenology is a science that was developed around 1800 by a man named Franz Joseph Gall.

The science of Phrenology claims the personality of a human being is influenced by the size and shape of their skull, including the location, size, and shape of any bumps or depressions in the skull. Phrenologists claimed to be able to associate specific ailments with specific head characteristics.

The science of Phrenology was highly developed as attested to by the collections of head models available for teaching and demonstration. The first picture is a close up of a section of a collection of heads.


The next picture shows a box set of Phrenological head models.


Then an extreme close up view of a small selection of Phrenological heads.


The next picture shows a profile view of a head that has been sectioned off and labeled with the attributes that Phrenology claims are associated with each section.

The author has no opinion on whether the specific claims of Phrenology are true. The labeling of the skull in the picture above may be completely correct, or it may contain errors.

The basic claim of Phrenology is unquestionably accurate in the opinion of the author. The size and shape of the skull, including the location, size, and shape of any bumps or depressions in the skull, are indicators for the condition of the body, as well as indicators of the character, personality, mentality, of an individual.

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