Common Sense and Group Photos Prove Phrenology Is A Valid Science

Phrenology is a science that was developed in the 1800’s by a man named “Franz Joseph Gall”. Phrenologists claimed the size and shape of the head, including the details of any bumps or depressions on the head, can be used to identify personality, mental, and emotional traits of the individual under observation. 

Phrenology was “discredited” as a “fraudulent science” by the mainstream scientists of the day. It is the opinion of the author that this was done for monetary and political reasons, and not because the claims of Phrenologists are incorrect.

The claims of Phrenologists are actually common sense if you think about it. The basic claims of Phrenology can easily be proven with any photo of a group of human beings. Please examine the following picture of a group of women.


Do you think that all of the women in the picture have the same personality, the same emotional make up, and the same mental make up? That is what modern scientists are saying when they claim that the size and shape of the head has no bearing on those qualities.

What is it that helps you make a judgment about the personality, emotions, and mental ability of each woman? It has to be their head doesn’t it? Their heads and maybe their arms and shoulders are all that is visible in the picture.

That reality, your instinctive judging of each woman based on the look of her head, proves the basic claims of Phrenology are valid. It is possible to make judgments about the mental ability, emotional makeup, and personality of another human being by examining their head. 

The next picture shows a group of soldiers performing a drill. Although parts of the bodies of the soldiers are visible, mostly their faces are visible. Please take a moment to examine the soldiers.


Don’t you feel like you can make a judgment about the mental ability, personality, and emotional make up of some or all of the soldiers? If you do, you are basing those judgments mostly on the faces of the soldiers because the rest of their body is hidden.

That natural reaction is all the proof any reader should need to convince themselves that the basic claims of Phrenology are correct. 

The next example is a very good one because it contains only a few examples to compare, and because those few examples consist of what Phrenologists would describe as very healthy and strong heads along with heads that are obviously not healthy and strong.


The example picture shows a criminal being escorted by policeman from Japan. Every reader who examines that picture should have immediately felt some kind of reaction to the criminal, the white man in the center, because his head is so completely different from the heads of the policeman.

Do not assume that all policeman will have heads that project “Law and Order” and “Strength” just because they are policemen. It is only because these policeman are from Japan that their heads are so well formed they could be used as examples of the particular shapes their heads exhibit. It would not be uncommon for example to see American policemen who had heads that give off a feeling of “Something Wrong!” like the head of the criminal does.

Below is a gallery of additional images of groups of human beings.


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