Scientists R Stoopid


One of the most frequent responses to the claims of Happeh Theory is “Scientists disagree with you” or “You are not a scientist”.

Scientists are not infallible. In fact they can be just plain stupid.

This section contains news stories of instances where scientists were wrong, they lied for money, they made claims that even the most average person knows are stupid, and some stories that show how anyone, not just scientists, can make discoveries that change generally accepted scientific beliefs.

If scientists can make mistakes, lie, or say just plain stupid things, and any regular person can make discoveries that change science, then scientists can be mistaken, lying, or just plain stupid in their opposition to the claim of Happeh Theory, and it makes no difference that the creator of Happeh Theory is not a professional scientist.

There are a huge number of articles in this section. Many of them are just the news story with no commentary about why or what the scientists are wrong about. As time goes by those stories will be commented on. Until that time, all of the stories are available for perusal by the curious.

Scientists R Stoopid

The news articles on this page detail instances of scientific stoopidity. The purpose of these posts is not just to be derogatory. The purpose is to encourage the realization that scientists can be wrong about things, as they are wrong when they claim masturbation is harmless.

Scientists R Stoopid To Do

The news articles listed here need to have comments added and possibly be moved to different categories. Until that process takes place those articles can be accessed here for the curious to peruse.

Scientists Make Mistakes

The news articles on this page detail instances where scientists have made mistakes. The purpose of these news articles is not just to be derogatory towards scientists. The purpose is to prove that scientists are not infallible.

Scientists R Wrong

This news articles on this page detail examples where scientists have made some pronouncement and then later on were proved to be wrong.

Scientists R Greedy

The news articles listed on this page include examples of scientists choosing greed over science and the public good.

Anyone Can Discover

The news articles listed on this page include examples of people who are not scientists solving problems that scientists could not solve. The point is to demonstrate that it is not necessary to be a scientists with a college degree in order to create things that can advance human knowledge.