Study Links Bad Teeth To Alzheimer’s

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation can cause or contribute to both teeth problems and Alzheimer’s. The news article reprinted below describes a scientific study that says they have found a correlation between bad teeth and Alzheimers disease.

That scientific study partially corroborates the claims of Happeh Theory by linking Bad Teeth and Alzheimers.

To completely corroborate Happeh Theory, all the scientists have to do now is to link Masturbation to Bad Teeth and Alzheimers.


Losing teeth at a young age could be an early warning of Alzheimer’s in later life, research suggests.

A study of identical twins has found a strong link between gum disease marked by teeth loss and the brain disease.

Scientists believe early exposure to inflammation, which can accompany gum disease, quadruples the risk of developing the disease in old age.

However, inherited genes for Alzheimer’s are a much bigger risk factor.

Researchers from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, used a Swedish registry of twins to identify 109 “discordant” pairs with only one twin diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Information about participants’ education, activities and health history was obtained from surveys conducted in the 1960s when the registry was created.

The surveys included questions about loose or missing teeth, which the researchers used as a crude indicator of gum disease.

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