Kids Dressed As Elves – Energy Analysis 03

The picture above shows six human beings. One of the human beings obviously has strong energy. Please examine the picture to see if you can determine which human being has strong energy. 

Please do not guess. A human being who has strong energy looks like a strong and healthy human being. Trust your intuition and common sense because they are usually right. Which of the six human beings in the picture look especially healthy or especially strong to you?

The human being who looks like it has strong energy is the young black girl. The eyes of the black girl immediately draw the attention of the viewer.

What is it exactly about the eyes of the black girl that indicate she has strong energy? There are three signs that usually are found in the eyes of a human being with strong energy.

(1)– The eyeball will be well formed as in it is mostly spherical or elliptical. The well formed shape of the eye will make the white of the eye visible all around or almost all around the pupil.

(2) – The eyes will glisten or shine. The effect is something the reader will have to see on their own. The glistening covers the entire eye so there is nothing to point an arrow at.

(3) – There will be a bright spot in each of the eyes. The spot will almost look like it is glowing.

The energy of a human being can show itself in different ways. The look of the eyes of the black girl might be described as a natural way for the eyes of a human being with strong energy to look.

There is another human being in the picture that also has strong energy. That human being’s energy shows itself in an entirely different way.

The Asian girl is the other human being in the picture with strong energy.

The Asian girl’s body has developed strong energy in a different way that has gives her body and eyes a different look from the black girl’s body and eyes.

The observation about the Asian girl that indicates she has strong energy is the look of the skin around her eyes.

The folds of skin around her eyes and the shape of her eyes are indicative of strong energy. Some readers might have heard scientists call the look of the skin around the eyes of Asian people an “epicanthic fold”. Those scientists claim that Asian eyes look the way they do because of genetics.

While it is probably true that genetics plays some roll in the look of the eyes of Asians, it is the fact that Asians have strong energy that plays a much larger roll in the appearance of the eyes of Asian people.

The Asian girl’s energy would be described as a developed or trained kind of strong energy. As an Asian, the girl was raised in a culture that knows about the energy of the human body. Since Asians know about the energy of the human body, they created specialized methods to train their young to develop strong enegy, so their young would grow into strong and healthy members of the community.

Those specialized training methods are what give Asians the characteristic skin covered eye look that scientists call “epicanthic fold”.


Asians are human beings. Their training methods are training methods for the human body.

Everyone else on the planet Earth is a human being also. What that implies is that any human being on the planet Earth, will eventually develop Asian looking eyes if they practice those specialized Asian created training methods to develop strong energy in a human body.

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