All Human Inventions Are Based On The Human Body – Book 01

All Human Inventions

are based on the human body


Jalon Anderson

Happeh Theory is a collection of theories and insights into the construction and function of the human body. According to Happeh Theory, all of the inventions ever created by human beings are based on the human body. These inventions can be based on actual physical structures within the human body. Or the inventions can be based on sensations produced by the human body.

This book is devoted to examples of this theory.


The Wheel

The Straight Sword

The Curved Sword

The Buckler



The Cloth Spool

The Scutum

The Cloak

The Corset

The X shaped Bandolier

The Crown

The Brilliant Cut Gemstone

The Simple Chair

The Toga

Buddhist Robes

The Thermometer

The “Ring the Bell” Game

The Violin


The Rudder

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