Big Mouth, Small Heart – The Secrets Of Life 55

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Big Mouth, Small Heart

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This video is titled Big Mouth Small Heart, and it is #6 in the series, The Secrets of Life.

The phrase “Big Mouth Small Heart”, is one of the sayings of human cultures, that are used to teach members of the culture about how human beings are. In the following video clip, two adversarial groups of men are talking to each other. Please watch the video clip and listen to what they say to each other.

One of the men, who is from Thailand, says to another man “Hey Frenchie! Big Mouth, Small Heart”. As he says this, the man from Thailand makes a small circle with his hand, and holds it up by his chest.

The man from Thailand is saying that in his culture, it is a well known fact that the reason that people have a big mouth, is that they have a small heart.

In western culture, it would be common for sayings like “Big Mouth, Small Heart”, to be dismissed as primitive superstition or folklore, that is meaningless in the modern technological world.

Another common reaction would be to say that the phrase “Big Mouth Small Heart”, was an observation about someones mental state, personality, or their moral character, and that the phrase had no real physical meaning.

According to Happeh Theory, all of the cultural sayings of all of the human cultures on earth, are based on reality. When the man from Thailand says “Big Mouth Small Heart”, he is not trying to say that the other man has a personality problem, a mental problem, or poor moral character.

According to Happeh Theory, the man from Thailand is telling the other man, that the reason that he has a big mouth, is because his heart really is physically smaller than it should be.

If a doctor or scientists, was asked why a person with a small heart would talk a lot, the doctor or scientist would probably say, there is no connection between the mouth and the heart. They would point out that the mouth is located up in the head as shown in this picture,

while the heart is located down in the chest as demonstrated in this picture.

The doctor or scientist would point to the 8 or so inches that physically separate the heart from the mouth,

and say that it impossible for the heart to affect the mouth.

According to Happeh Theory, there is a physical connection between the heart and the mouth. That real life influence that the heart has on the mouth, is the basis for the saying “Big Mouth Small Heart”.

According to Happeh Theory, a person with a physically small heart compared to the size their heart should be, really will be a big mouth kind of person. The person has no choice but to be a big mouth, because their small heart forces them to talk like a big mouth.

The way in which the heart is connected to the mouth, will not be discussed in this video. Instead, this video will provide a visual demonstration, that is designed to stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

This picture shows an image of a heart placed at the heart level of a model human being.

The mouth of the model human being is slightly open.

This picture represents the normal state of the human being.

The cultural saying is “Big Mouth, Small Heart”. In this picture the heart has been made smaller,

and the mouth was opened wider,

to demonstrate what “Big Mouth, Small Heart” would look like.

If having a small heart means a person has a big mouth, then it seems logical that a person with a big heart, would have a small mouth. This picture shows the heart made big,

with the opening of the mouth made small.

Keeping in mind that according to Happeh theory, the mouth and the heart really are physically connected within the body, please watch the following animation of the heart getting larger and smaller, while the mouth gets smaller and larger.

The animation makes it clear that the heart and the mouth, act as opposites of each another. If the heart shrinks,

the mouth gets big.

If the heart gets big,

the mouth shrinks.

The job of the Kung Fu Man, the Scientist, or the Medical Person watching this video, is to figure out exactly how the heart is connected to the mouth, and why the mouth and the heart react in opposite ways from each other.

Why does the mouth get big

when the heart gets small,

and why does the the mouth get small,

when the heart gets big?


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