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Happeh Theory is a collection of information about the construction and behavior of the human body at a deep level. Many of the claims of Happeh Theory do not coincide with the claims of modern science or modern medicine. Some people feel that this disparity means that Happeh Theory must be in the wrong because of course professional scientist and medical people are never wrong.

The creator of Happeh Theory cannot dispel opinions such as those because they are reasonable opinions to have about strangers and their claims. Those people are having a reasonable reaction that helps them get through their life in a way that is more to their benefit.

Therefore the creator of Happeh Theory must provide visual evidence for the claims of Happeh Theory, that are so obvious that even a stranger could look at them and gain some inkling of what it is the creator of Happeh Theory is trying to say.

Here is the example picture for this blog entry.

The example picture shows a young woman in a provocative pose. Once the urge to simply enjoy the picture passes, please examine the woman for anything unusual or of interest.

The woman has what Happeh Theory calls Big Eye Syndrome. Big Eye Syndrome is the name given to a head in which one of the eyes looks very large compared to the other eye. The woman has Big Eye Syndrome in her left eye as highlighted in the next picture.

In comparison there is very little of the same area on the right side of the woman’s face visible.

What makes the picture so enjoyable is the prominently visible breasts of the woman.

The right breast is so big that it looks like it is about to bust out of the computer screen.

In contrast, although the left breast is very nice also, it does look smaller than the right breast.

Much of Happeh Theory has been easy to create, because it is based on nothing more than being observant. Many people are unable or unwilling to see things that are right in front of them. Because they cannot see these things they can never learn from them.

Happeh Theory is about noticing every single thing present in every single situation a person is in every single day. Everything is analyzed for the reason it exists in a certain situation and what information the thing might provide about the objects or players in a situation.

Noticing that the left side of the woman’s face is larger than the right side of her face is part of observing every single aspect of a situation, as is noticing that the woman’s right breast looks much larger than her left breast.

There is no reason for the brain to stop working there. What else is there to notice in the picture? Why not work with what has already been pointed out? What more can the previous observations about the woman’s body tell the viewer about the construction and behavior of the human body?

The woman’s large left Big Eye is accompanied on the left side of the body by the small left breast.

The woman’s small right side of the face is accompanied on the right side of the body by the very large right breast.

Those are not casual observations. According to Happeh Theory there is a connection between the same side eyes and boobs. According to Happeh Theory if the eye on one side of a human body gets big the boob on the same side of that body must get smaller. If the boob on one side of a human body gets big, the eye on that side of the body must get smaller.

The reader will benefit from trying to visualize material being removed from the boob area and being moved into the eye area, or visualizing material removed from around the eye and moved down to the boob. The truly interested reader should find themselves confused rather quickly as to how that movement of material takes place.

Although the woman’s eyes and boobs are unbalanced vertically, there is a balanced arrangement of the woman’s eyes and boobs. The woman’s big left eye is relatively balanced by her big right boob,

and her small right eye is relatively balanced by her small left boob.

This is another situation that is not a coincidence according to Happeh Theory. According to Happeh Theory, there is also a connection between each eye and the opposite breast. The next picture encloses the the area of the body connecting the big left eye to the big right breast.

The next picture has a line in it enclosing the area between the small eye and the small left breast.

The two lines enclosing the eyes and breasts form an X shape. You know what they say about the letter X don’t you? It is said that X marks the spot of buried treasure. What could be in the throat that might be considered buried treasure?

Hmmmm. I wonder if it could be the thyroid gland? The thyroid gland is located in the throat.

The reader who is confused at this point is going to be left with something to ponder on their own. If the area connecting the boobs and the eyes can change size, and the thyroid gland is located approximately at the center of those two areas, wouldn’t the thyroid gland be affected by the same forces changing the eyes and the boobs?

Think about it.

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  1. Her left boob is pushing against someone else. Her body and head are turning in opposite directions. Cameras try to flatten what they observe because of the way they focus on objects. I don’t think shes crooked… just a strange perception of a pretty girl

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