One Eyed Pinheads – The Secrets Of Life 46

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled as well as causing various other changes to the body. There are other activities that can cause similar changes. Excessive Exercise, Excessive Sex, Injectable Drugs, Snorting Drugs, Homosexuality, Anorexia, and Analytical Thought are all associated with the same changes to the body that masturbation can cause. The changes that all of those activities have made to the human body have been known about since early human history.

Human beings have a penchant for insulting other human beings. According to Happeh Theory, many insults from cultures all over the world are based on the changes that masturbation makes to the human body.

There is no need to insult someone by saying “you are a masturbator”, if you can say to the person “You only have one eye”, and everyone in the tribe knows that one eyed people got that way because they masturbate.

Please examine the following picture.

How many eyes does the human being in the picture have? There is only one eye visible. The human being in the picture fits the definition of a human being with a masturbation changed body. He only has one eye.

What is the shape of the plastic covering over the man’s head? The plastic covering has a pointed shape to it.

What is an English language insult for a stupid or dull person in that is related to this picture? An English insult for a dull or stupid person is the word “Pinhead”. A pin is a metal object used for sewing that has a point on the end of it.

The man in the picture would fit the definition of a “Pinhead” because with the plastic bag on his head, his head looks pointed like a pin.

Why would human beings insult other human beings by calling them “pinheads””? The meaning of pinhead is stupid or dull so people would call other people “pinheads” instead of calling them stupid or dull. But why was the insult “pinhead” associated with mental stupidity and dullness?

Because masturbation or any of the other activities previously listed will make a human being mentally less than normal, and because masturbation can physically change the head so it looks pointy to another human being.

It is of course impossible for a human head to become pointed because the human skull is round and made of hard bone. But the human head can look pointed due to changes in the organic material covering the head and changes in the way the head is held on the neck.

Masturbation will shrink the organic material more on one side of the head than the other. The result is one very thin looking half of the head and a more normal fattish looking side of the head. The combination of a fat side of the head and shrunken side of the head gives the head a pointed look.

Masturbation can also make the head look pointed by causing the head to tilt. When the head tilts, instead of the flattish top of the head being the highest point of the head, the tilting of the head makes one side of the head or the other the highest point on the head. When an outside observer looks at a person with a tilted head, they see the pointed edge of one side of the head sticking up in the air. The individual really does look like they have a pointed head.

Here is a picture of an individual whose head is tilting to the right.

When the man’s head tilts to his right the left side of his head moves upwards.

Even though the man’s head has a clearly roundish shape, to the outside observer the man’s head looks pointed because the point formed by the edge of the left side of the head is the highest part of the man’s head.

The insightful reader might be able to see the signs of a pointed head in the man with the plastic bag over his head now that they have some guidance as to what to look for. Try to find the center axis of the man’s head. That will help you to pick out the other changes to his head that are all dependent on where the center axis of his head is.


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