A Sexual Inspiration For The Design Of The “Peace” Symbol – The Secrets Of Life 41

The Secrets of Life usually aren’t really that secret. All they require is for the individual to really see what it is you are looking at. Take the symbol shown in the following picture for instance.

That symbol is commonly referred to as a “Peace” symbol. What would be the motivation for that association? What is it about that particular configuration of lines within a circle that would make a human being think of “peace”.

One possibility can be found in the following picture of male genitalia.

What process would someone who believed that the design of the peace symbol was inspired by male genitalia follow to figure out the reason why male genitalia are the inspiration for the design of the peace symbol?

The most obvious and simple process that comes to mind actually. Since the claim is that it is male genitalia that inspired the design of the peace symbol, the first thing to do is to remove everything from the example male genitalia picture except the male genitalia.

 Then place the peace symbol next to the male genitalia so the two objects can be compared 

The peace symbol consists of a tall vertical line,

with two diagonal lines branching off of the lower half of the vertical line.

Inspection of the male genitalia reveals it consists of a tall vertical penis,

with two testicles “branching off diagonally” from the vertical penis.

If a line is drawn down the center of the vertical penis,

lines are drawn diagonally through each testicle,

and a circle that touches the top of the penis and the outside of each testicle is drawn in,

the result looks like the peace symbol.



  1. If you get your penis crooked to left side by right hand masturbation.

    Will after completing rehabilitation you will get a straight penis be symmetrical and get a perfect Pyramid in your body. Which certainly means you are enlightened?

    1. Rehabilitation of masturbation caused body deformation will tend to return the body to it’s original configuration. Rehabilitation will hardly ever return a body back to 100% of it’s normal configuration, but that is usually not a problem because most people’s bodies are never 100% to begin with.

      As for possessing a perfect body means a person is automatically enlightened, I don’t think I could agree with that statement. “Enlightened” can mean so many different things. I might agree in general that the closer to perfect alignment and configuration a particular human body is, the easier it would be for a person to attain “enlightenment”, if for no other reason than they would be in a good state of physical health, which would allow them to concentrate all of their attention on “enlightenment”, without the distractions and loss of energy that comes from a less than healthy body.

        1. Jalon this is my last question.
          I am doing 6 sets of Sun Salutations which equals to 12 rounds (left and right side) everyday will it help me attain a orignal configuration of my body if i do it for exactly the same amount of years i have spent in changing my body by masturbation. Please i hope you give me a reply in this matter.
          Thank you.

  2. I read the chapter in your book a Primer on how the human body works
    Happeh just so to tell you
    _/\_ Respect And Only Respect to you sir
    You are one of the most humblest and kindest person i have ever known for the good you have done

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