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According to Happeh Theory many different cultural creations were produced to help members of the culture develop and strengthen the Yin part of their body. These creations were produced to help people develop and strengthen the Yin part of their body without the people having to know about or understand anything at all about the Yin part of their bodies.

One of these cultural creations is the cartoon character Spiderman. Spiderman is a man who develops spider like powers that he uses to fight crime. The next picture shows the cartoon character Spiderman.

One of the powers Spiderman develops is the ability to shoot spiderwebs out of his wrist that stick on whatever they touch. When Spiderman shoots the spiderwebs out of his wrist he holds his wrist in a special way. The next picture shows Spiderman holding his left hand in the special way he does to shoot spiderwebs out of his wrist.

The entire arm is rotated so that the hand is held palm up.

The middle and ring fingers are folded back into the palm of the hand.

The pinky, the index finger, and the thumb, are all spread out wide away from the hand.

According to Happeh Theory, holding the hand in this position is a sign of a developed Yin part of the body, or it can be used to develop the Yin part of the body.

According to Happeh Theory, the creator of the cartoon character Spiderman purposefully made Spiderman hold his hand in the exact way shown in the picture so that people who loved Spiderman would copy the hand gesture. By copying the hand gesture, without even knowing it, the people would be exercising the Yin part of their bodies.

The plan worked. When the original Spiderman was popular little kids would always be running around pretending they were shooting spider webs out of their hands. Every single time they did, they held their hands in that special way that exercised the Yin part of their body.

The reader might not be reassured that the Spiderman web hand is really a positioning that signifies strong Yin development. If the reader thinks about it, they are probably already aware of something that proves that claim by Happeh Theory.

Please look at the Spiderman web shooting hand again. Have you ever seen that hand positioning anywhere else in your life before?

The Spiderman web hand looks exactly like a hand position that is called a Hang Loose sign. The Hang Loose sign supposedly originated with surfers in Hawaii. The next picture shows a surfer girl making a Hang Loose sign.

The reason it is significant that surfers make a sign that looks like the Spiderman sign is that surfers have strong Yin from surfing. According to Happeh Theory, surfers make the Hang Loose sign because and to demonstrate they have a strong Yin part of the body.

The next picture compares the Spiderman web hand to the surfer girl Hang Loose sign to show how they look the same.

The observant reader will have noted a difference in the two hands. The Spiderman web hand has only the middle and ring fingers pressed into the palm, while the surfer girl has the middle, ring, and index fingers pressed into her palm.

According to Happeh Theory, the reason the two hands look different is because of the difference in the strength of the Yin part of the body of Spiderman and the surfer girl. Spiderman has weaker Yin because he can only put two of his fingers into his palm. The surfer girl has stronger Yin because she can put three fingers into her palm.

Using those criteria the man in the next picture would have relatively weak Yin, because his Spiderman sign only has two fingers in his palm.

The soldier in the next picture would have strong Yin because he has three fingers folded into his palm.

The girl in this picure has strong Yin because she has three fingers pressed into her palm. This picture is especially significant because woman are Yin according to Yin Yang Theory. A young girl should have strong Yin and should make the strong 3 fingers in the palm Hang Loose sign because girls are Yin.

The next picture shows another girl’s hand making the Hang Loose sign. This picture is good because the girl is making the sign naturally and because the camera angle reveals why holding the hand in this way is a sign of a strong Yin part of the body.

There are two areas of the girl’s hand circled in the picture below. Please look at the circled area and compare it to the hand that is not circled.

That raised area of the hand that is enclosed in the circles is the Yin part of the hand. Any human being with strong Yin will have a hand that shows two ridges along the outside of it as highlighted above.

How imaginative are you? Did you notice that with the circles on the girl’s hand, the girls hand almost looks like an animal paw? The circled areas are the pads on the bottom of an animal foot.

That is not just a curious observation.

A reader named “jotain” posted a link to the following image.

The man in the picture is a famous Kung Fu fighter named Bruce Lee. Look at Bruce Lee’s left hand.

Bruce Lee’s left hand looks like Spiderman’s hand.


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