Chinese Twin Dragons Holding The World Statue Is A Representation Of The Human Body – The Secrets Of Life 32

Another post in this blog stated the symbol of Chinese origin in the following picture was a representation of a human being.

No attempt was made in that post to explain why or how the symbol represented a human body.

This post presents information that can help figure out why the symbol represents a human being. That information comes from what Happeh Theory calls “The Seed View Of The Human Body”.

According to The Seed View of the Human Body, the human body can behave as if it is a seed, or as if it sprouted from a seed. Here is a picture of some walnuts, which are seeds for walnut trees.

A seed consists of a relatively soft center section with a hard covering as demonstrated in this drawing.

The next picture looks down on a seed from the end. Their is a whitish spot in the center that is part of the inside of the seed. The hard outside of the side is a darker color.

The previous picture should give the reader an indication where this discussion is going. The next picture shows a seed that is partially sprouted.

The next picture shows a seed which has turned into a plant. The hard outer seed covering is still on part of the plant.

The next picture compares the dragon symbol to the germinating seed.

The center of the seed corresponds to the center of the Chinese symbol,

while each side of the hard outer covering corresponds to one of the dragons on either side of the center of the Chinese symbol.

According to Yin Yang Theory, there is an internal and external part of the body. Looking at a seed, the growing part of the seed is the internal part of the seed, while the protective part of the seed is the external part of the seed.

In the next picture, each half of the outer seed covering still on the seedling was extended so it looks vaguely like a dragon shape. Then the altered seedling was rotated to put it in approximately the same orientation as the Chinese symbol.

Think about all of that for awhile.

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