The Westinghouse Logo – The Secrets Of Life 28

There are clues to the Secrets of Life everywhere. Many of these clues are right out in the open. The reason that most people do not see these clues is misdirection.

Misdirection is when a person is encouraged to look one way instead of another. Or encouraged to think or believe one thing instead of another. The classic example of course is for someone to say “look over there!”, then punch the person who looks “over there” while their attention is misdirected away from the punch.

Misdirection is used to cover up just about every single clue to the Secrets of Life that this author has ever encountered. In the experience of this author, the first rule of life is to ignore whatever is in front of you and look behind it, because whatever is in front of you is almost always misdirection.

That is the case for the subject of this blog entry. The subject of this blog entry is the picture below.

That is the logo for the Westinghouse corporation. If the average person were asked what the logo meant or what it stood for, probably all of them would say that the logo is a stylized letter “W”, and the reason why is because the letter “W” is the first letter of the Westinghouse corporate name.

When asked what they meant by “stylized”, the people would say the plain letter “W”

had been stylized or adorned with an underscore symbol underneath the letter “W”

and a large black circle or dot at the top of each point of the letter “W”

According to Happeh Theory, any person who believes all of what has just been said has been successfully misdirected. They were told the logo was for the Westinghouse Corporation and they immediately assumed the logo was a stylized letter “W”. Once they reached that conclusion their brain turned off and they no longer gave anymore thought to the what the logo represented.

That is why this author recommends to anyone interested in learning the Secrets of Life, that they always forget the first thing they think is right and look for the second or third thing that is right.

Applying that rule to this example means the Westinghouse logo can’t be a stylized letter “W” since it was the first thing to come to mind. Concluding the logo is a stylized “W” is the obvious answer meant to satisfy the average unmotivated individual who is not interested in the Secrets of Life.

What could the second meaning of the Westinghouse logo be? It is not that hard to figure out. The hard part is ridding oneself of the belief that the logo is a stylized letter “W”.

Here is the plain letter “W” again.

Then the underscore is placed beneath the letter “W”.

Please take a moment to examine that image. Does it make you think of anything? No?

What if the black circles or dots are placed on the two outer upper points of the “W”?

Does that stimulate your thinking to see anything else in the Westinghouse logo besides a stylized letter “W”?

What if the outer bars of the “W” are removed?

You see it now of course. The Westinghouse logo is a face. There is a mouth,

a nose,

and two eyes.

Easy huh? Whoever designed the Westinghouse corporate logo made it look like a human face to anyone who was alert enough to look past the misdirection, the implication the logo is a stylized letter “W”, and see the human face.

Some readers are probably wondering where the Secret of Life is in this revelation. The Westinghouse logo can be interpreted as something else and the logo is an example of misdirection, because most people will never see the face in the logo because they believe it is a stylized “W”.

But misdirecting people into seeing a stylized letter “W” instead of a human face hardly seems like a Secret of Life. It seems more like an insiders joke that would have meaning to only insiders.

If you haven’t figured out the “Secret of Life” associated with the Westinghouse logo, that is because you are still not looking behind the things you were given. You were told the stylized “W” Westinghouse logo had a face hidden in it, so now you are just as certain you know what is going on when you thought the Westinghouse logo was just a stylized letter “W”.

Finding the face in the Westinghouse logo involved nothing more than manipulating the parts of the logo that were already provided, then reinterpreting the manipulated symbol. Since that method worked to find the face in the Westinghouse logo, it seems logical it would also work to find the Secret of Life in the Westinghouse logo.

There is really only one more part of the log left to work with. The dot or black circle on the upper center part of the logo that was omitted from the face that was created from the logo.

If you don’t know what to do in some situation, try anything and see what happens. Since the dot was originally on the top of the center of the “W” that makes up the Westinghouse logo, why not put the dot back on the center part of the “W” after it has been turned into a face? The picture below has the dot added to the center part of the “W” after it was changed into a face.

Does that addition to the picture mean anything to you? The picture did show a face and still shows a face except there is a black dot in between the eyes.

Does the dot in the center of the eyes mean anything to you? Keeping in mind that you are looking for anything that might fit the description of a “Secret of Life”?

The middle dot on the face is the third eye of a human being. The artist who created the Westinghouse logo is demonstrating his knowledge of what is said to be the mystical or supernatural third eye of a human being.

That is a Secret of Life because while many people believe the “third eye” of a human being is superstition, according to Happeh Theory human beings really do have what could be described as a third eye.

According to Happeh Theory, every hidden example of the third eye of a human being must have been created by someone who was aware of the third eye of a human being, because how else would they have known to include it in their artwork?

Figuring out the Secrets of Life around you is easy if you just look behind the obvious or first meanings of anything. The Secrets of Life are all right there behind the misdirection trap you have to pass first.

( PS. Misdirection never stops. Ever. Do not assume the depiction of the third eye of a human being in the picture above is an accurate one until you verify that fact for yourself. )

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