The Feet Are An External Manifestation Of The Kidneys – The Secrets Of Life 26

The following picture shows a human kidney and the bottom of a foot

There is a kidney shaped area on the bottom of the foot as highlighted in this picture.

The toes would correspond to the adrenal glands on top of the kidney.


Is it only a coincidence that the bottom of the foot has a kidney like shape? If not, what is the significance of the bottom of the foot having a kidney like shape on it?

The next picture shows the inside edge of the kidney placed next to the inside of the right foot.

The shape of the inside edge of the kidney almost exactly matches the shape of the inside of the foot.

Is that just a coincidence? If not, what explanation is there for the almost identical shapes?

The implication of the previous pictures is that the human foot,

could also be represented by two kidney shapes with their inside edges matched together.

Why is an approximate foot shape created when the inside edges of a right and left kidney are placed next to each other so their curves fit each other? Is it just a coincidence?

Or is that some kind of insight into the construction of the human body?

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