Penis Is The Key – The Secrets Of Life 25

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Most people would say they see a penis. If you pressed them for details, maybe they would describe the other small details of the picture. Usually though, people would say they see a penis.

Then they would stop and forget about it.

When a person thinks they know the answer to something, they stop thinking about it. This is a real problem because there are always multiple things to be seen in any picture. Even this picture of what appears to be nothing but a penis.

Here is the next picture.

If people were asked what they see in this picture, they would probably say a keyhole. That is what it is. A doorplate with a keyhole in it

If you were to show people both pictures and ask them what they see, they would probably say a keyhole and a penis.

Once they had viewed the picture and provided the answer to the question, the picture and the question both would disappear from their mind.

There is something interesting to see in the picture if you think about what is being shown to you. For instance, what if an outline was drawn around the penis as in the next picture?

Some people would look at the modified picture and say that now the penis had an outline drawn around it. Then they would shrug their shoulders as if to say so what?

It takes very little effort to modify the picture one more way.

The penis fits right in the keyhole as if it is the key.

Why would a keyhole just happen to look similar to a penis? Is the penis a key to something? Does the penis open something? Something non sexual?


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