Japanese Surprise – The Secrets Of Life 24

The example picture is from a Japanese Anime cartoon. It shows a split screen of two people who are reacting with shock.

Both people are holding their bodies in a strange way. The arms have crossed over each other to the opposite side of the body,

and each hand is held with the middle and ring fingers bend towards the palm.

The video linked below shows the entire scene.

Why would shock cause the men to react as they do? Why would each arm cross over to the opposite side of the body, and the middle and ring finger curl towards the palm? What do those physical movements have to do with mental or emotional shock?

A clue to the answer to that question is that human beings in shock commonly lose control of their bodies. Which means the men in the picture did not think to themselves, “I am shocked! I will cross my arms to the opposite side of my body and curl the middle and ring finger of each hand into the palm to physically display my emotional and mental feelings of shock”.

The train of events instead is that each man is mentally shocked by the news they hear, they momentarily lost control of their bodies, which allows their uncontrolled arms to cross over to the opposite side of the body, and their uncontrolled middle and index fingers to curl into the palm.

The reason why their uncontrolled arms and fingers would react in that way can be provided by the Double Cylinder View of the Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models of the human body developed for Happeh Theory. Another theoretical model named “The Redundant View of the Human Body” can also be used to explain why the men react in the way they do.

Anyone who delves into The Double Cylinder View of the Human Body  in an attempt to figure out why the men are reacting the way they do, will want to keep in mind  one of the characteristisc of a cylinder is that it can rotate.

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