The Reason Why Chakras Exist – The Secrets Of Life 23

Chakra is an word from the continent of India. The word Chakra can be defined as a wheel or a circle. Chakras are associated with the study of yoga. A Chakra is supposed to be a center of energy according to yoga philosophy.

There are seven chakras within the human body. The Chakras are located on a vertical line running from the bottom of the body to the top of the head. The picture below shows a human being with the seven Chakras positioned at their proper locations.

There is a lot of discussion in the western world about whether or not Chakras exist. This blog is not going to bother with that. Chakras do exist. The only thing in question is what they represent, how they are constructed or manifest themselves, and how they function.

This blog is focusing on the shape of the Chakras. The word Chakra itself can be defined as circle. According to Happeh Theory, of course Chakras appear circular. They have no choice.

Happeh Theory says that the Chakras are actually three dimensional spheres. When a sphere is looked at straight on from any direction, it will look like a circle. Only if the viewing angle is something other than straight on can the three dimensional nature of the Chakra can be seen.

Modern scientists have told us that human life at the genetic level is determined by something called DNA. DNA is a complex chemical that determines all the characteristics of human being. Characteristics like hair color, heighth, etc.

Here is a picture of a DNA molecule.

The DNA molecule has a complex appearance. There are two vertical bands that spiral around each other. There are many different horizontal bands connecting the two vertical spirals. This picture is an accurate representation of the real DNA molecule.

According to Happeh Theory, DNA does not only apply to the microscopic aspect of human life. The DNA molecule also has an influence on the large scale human body. The picture below shows a human body with the legs spread wide and the arms stretched over the head.

The next picture shows the human body with two lines drawn on it.

The next picture compares the picture above to the picture of the DNA molecule.

A slight modification to the DNA picture should make the point more clear.

According to Happeh Theory this picture demonstrates how the DNA molecule affects the large scale human body. The human body with the legs spread and the arms raised looks similar to one section of the DNA molecule.

This application of the DNA molecule to the human body is not limited to the previous picture. According to Happeh Theory, the DNA molecule is also related to the Chakras. The relationship is shown in the next picture.

Here is a picture comparing the picture above to the DNA molecule.

The picture of the Chakras on the human being with the two lines spiraling around each circular Chakra looks like the DNA molecule.


  1. Human body is made of double helixes! there are forces of evil in this world who want to damage this? World Domination is truly sad. And bad

    Could you please explain gods of India and the concept of yoga and hinduism and jainism philosophies. I am blown by your knowledge

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