Buddha’s Ears – The Secrets Of Life 22

Buddha is a famous religious guy from Asia. There is a type of spirituality that is named after him. There are recreations of all kinds of the supposed image of Buddha. Statues, paintings, drawings, etc.

There are more than a few distinctive characteristics about Buddha. One of the more obvious is his ears. Buddha was supposed to have had very large ears that look similar to elephant ears. Here is a picture of a statue of Buddha.

See how the bottom of the ear is large and pendulous? Meaning it hangs way down as if it is very heavy? Here is another example of a Buddha statue.

This is a profile view of the Buddha’s head. The large curved nature of the ear is more clearly visible. The previous pictures are of Buddha’s from Thailand I believe. The next picture is of a Chinese Buddha mask.

This is a head on view so the ears are not as easy to make out. If you look closely, you can see that they appear to be large in the vertical dimension like the Buddha’s from Thailand. No matter what country is creating a depiction of Thailand, they all show Buddha as a guy with big hanging ears.


The images of Buddha are not stylized depictions for artistic purposes. According to Happeh Theory, the large ears of Buddha are a sign of superior human development. The large pendulous ears of Buddha are an outward manifestation of the health of his kidneys. The kidneys have some of the strongest influence on the health and strength of the human body of all the internal organs.

According to Happeh Theory, the strength of the physical body allows the person to develop into a superior man in a mental way. Or a spiritual or religious way.

Here is a picture comparing a kidney to the ear of the Buddha

You can see that the outline of the kidney generally matches to the outline of the large pendulous Buddha ear. In the next picture, there are outlines to emphasize the shapes.

The images and statues of Buddha depict the image of a man who was supposedly alive 100’s of years ago. There is no way to really verify if Buddha had big floppy ears as shown in the picture.

A person could make the case that the depictions of Buddha are imaginary or artistic only, and therefore the claims of Happeh Theory that the Buddha ears are an outward manifestation of the health of the kidneys is false.

That person would be in trouble. It is not necessary to prove that Buddha had big floppy ears. Human beings are still the same human beings today that they were 100’s of years ago. A healthy human being should look like a healthy human being no matter when they were born.

Please examine this picture.

Even though the picture is of low quality and slightly blurry, it is clear that this man has a large Buddha like ear. The comparison picture is below.

Close inspection of the pictures reveals that the ear lobe of the real person is not as pendulous as the ear lobe of the statue. This can be disregarded. One of the reasons why is the age of the man. He is a young man. Buddha was an older man. It will be necessary to wait until this man is another 20 or 30 years older to see if his earlobes become larger so that they more resemble the Buddha’s ears.

What is important is that the general shape of both ears is similar as shown below by the outlines surrounding the ears.

And here is a picture comparing both ears to the kidney.

In spite of the poor quality picture of the real ear, the similarities in shape between the Buddha ear, the kidney, and the real life ear is apparent.

According to Happeh Theory, a person does not have to be religious to develop big floppy Buddha like ears. Those ears are a hallmark of the development of power and strength of the human body.

The man who is the real life example of the Buddha ear is a professional fighter. He used the strength of his body that developed the Buddha ear to fight, instead of preaching spirituality the way Buddha did.


  1. Daer Author of this article,

    Don`t bother about Lord Buddha`s outer appearance.
    Try to understand his teaching,and his message, revealing four fold
    noble truth of the life, samsara and Nibbhana.

    Sri Lanka.

    1. I believe I understand your intent and I agree with it.

      By pointing how what I call “higher level human beings” look different
      from “regular” human beings, it is my hope that people who avoid
      religion or spirituality and only believe in the concrete real world,
      will be intrigued by the visual differences between the two groups
      and perhaps be more inclined to try religion or spirituality in order
      to obtain the physical body changes they can see with their own two eyes.

  2. I have actually read many times, that the Buddha is depicted this way, to show how he was born so rich and into nobility, and that he wore heavy gold jewelry (earrings) that caused his ears to look that way, it is done in many african communites still today. …I had to laugh at the comparisons of the ears and kidney …too funny!

  3. his ears were stretched. very common in high caste and very wealthy people of in those times. very popular today. mine are too just not that long. considering his fathers status and being a prince of a warrior society. he had very large earrings. most males did then. females depending on the region and tribe

  4. Guruvadiye saranam..comparision of ears is a way of arriving at mental attributes.In case of ramakrishna also people say that he has large ears which is extending below much indicating his frank guileless mind which is essence of spirituality .congrates .lef your work grow ..

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