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The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. That energy is designed to flow freely all over the body. The flow of energy can be temporarily or permanently impeded or blocked by stiff or tight areas of the body.  The terms “jammed” and “stuck” are commonly used to describe energy within the body whose flow is being impeded or blocked .

Energy that becomes “jammed” or “stuck” will almost always cause a related change in the mental state of the affected individual. For that reason it is also common to hear people who think or behave a certain way as being “jammed” or “stuck”. While the usage of those terms in a discussion indicate they are being directed at the mental state of individual, they also apply to and describe the state of energy flow within the individual’s body.

The energy of the body can become jammed or stuck for reasons other than a trauma or health problem caused stiffening or tightening of the body. It is normal for an immature human body to develop energy blockages because of the physical changes that immature body goes through as it matures.  While those energy blockages do cause mental and physical changes, they are usually temporary changes that will resolve themselves once the immature body fully matures.  

A human body can also be jammed or stuck if it is purposefully or unintentionally flooded with energy beyond it’s ability to handle. This type of energy blockage is not the result of stiffening and tightening of the body. It is an overload of capacity of a human body that has no problem in dealing with “normal” amounts of energy flowing through it.

It is also normal for human beings who have embarked on a path of changing their body from a regular human body into an elevated or evolved human body to develop energy blockages. These individuals are usually engaged in some type of physical actions whose purpose is to change their body from a “normal” one to an “elevated” one. As the body changes from a normal body to an elevated body, it can become stiff or tight and impede the flow of energy in the body or block it completely. This type of energy blockage is very similar to the energy blockage caused by the physical changes occurring in the body of an immature human being.

It is possible for one human being to remove an energy blockage from the body of another human being. An example of that process can be found in a series of books by an author named “Carlos Casteneda”. The books report on the supposedly real life experiences of a young man with weak energy who asks an older, superior kind of man who has strong energy, to make him a superior kind of human being. The younger man does not realize that the events in their relationship are designed to raise his energy level.

One of the details of their relationship that stands out because it is repeated so often and because it is so confusing and disagreeable to the young man, is that the older man constantly slaps the younger man on the back. The younger man thinks the old man is an abusive person who is taking advantage of him because the younger man does not understand why the older man keeps hitting him.

The older man keeps hitting the younger man because the younger man’s energy is blocked. The most common place for energy to get jammed in a human body is in the upper back and chest area. The effects of that jammed energy can be seen by some people. When the older man slaps the younger man on the back, it is because the older man could tell by looking at the younger man that his energy was blocked, so the older man smacks the younger man on the back to loosen up the blockage so the energy can flow properly again.

Because that example is written in words, the reader is forced to visualize what is being described. It would be better to see an example of the behavior being described, which can be done in the Japanese Anime cartoon linked below. In the cartoon, a young boy who is dressed in green always takes the responsibility for bad things that happen. The body does that even if he is really responsible or not.

The boys behavior is an example of mental changes caused by blocked energy. The boy does not take responsibility for all the bad events that occur for mental reasons. He behaves that way because the energy flow within his body is blocked somewhere. 

Japanese people know about the energy of the human body and energy blockages. Since the cartoon was created by Japanese people, it is no surprise to see the energy unblocking method previously described used to help the young boy. The video clip below shows the young boy taking responsibility for something and refusing to be consoled about it. At the end of the clip one of the other characters slaps the boy on the back to break his energy blockage. After the character slaps him on the back, the boy’s attitude changes and he starts moving again.


The video clip also shows another method of breaking an energy blockage that is not as direct or effective as striking the area where the energy is blocked. Talking to someone and distracting them can change the physical configuration of their body so their energy flow is no longer jammed. Before the character at the end of the video clip slaps the boy on the back to break his energy blockage, other characters try to release his energy blockage by talking to him to distract him.

It is only after the attempts to verbally distract him fail that the one character physically loosens the energy blockage in the body by striking him on the back.

Thinking readers will want to consider the practice of spanking children in light of this information. Is spanking a child on the bottom a form of physical abuse? Or could spanking a child on the bottom be a way of loosening up blocked energy that was responsible for the child’s transgressing behavior?

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