Why Would Someone Urinate Like A Dog? – The Secrets Of Life 18

This blog entry is based on a video clip from a movie of a man and a boy preparing to urinate.

The man lifts up his left leg and puts it on the wall as he prepares to urinate.

The missing left leg would be approximately where the yellow lines in the next picture are if the man was standing on both legs.

The boy asks the man what he is doing. The man then tells the boy a small story to explain why he urinates with his left leg on the wall. That story is contained in the following video clip.

It might seem like the man is being funny or perhaps playing games with his reply to the body. The man is not playing games or being funny. He is actually answering the child’s question in a roundabout way. Only an attentive, observant, thoughtful person will understand the lesson. This, to me, is an indication of the level of sophistication of the man and the boy. The man is obviously sophisticated in that he could create the answer to the boy’s question in the way that he did. It is implied that the boy is sophisticated because the man expects him to understand the non obvious explanation.

A more informative or helpful answer than the roundabout one provided by the man in the video clip, is that he is lifting his leg for reasons related to how the human body is constructed and behaves at a deep level. Lifting the left leg while urinating is beneficial for that deep level construction of the body.

While the answer to the question can be provided in terms of the effects on the muscles, internal organs, and other organic tissue of the body, an answer that is more beneficial to the growth of an individual who is interested in changing themselves into a superior kind of human being, would involve discussing the the effects on the man’s body in terms of force and pressure changes. Concepts which belong to the realm of physics and engineering.

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