Soccer Man’s Routine Requires Strong Yin – The Secrets Of Life 17

The video clip below shows an Asian man doing tricks with a soccer ball during half time at a soccer game. It can be argued that he is just a man who is doing tricks at a half time show, and there is nothing really special in the clip.

It is also true that Mr Woo, the man doing the tricks, has Strong Yin, Strong Energy, and Strong Kung Fu. Any reader who is interested in Yin Yang Theory, the energy of the human body, or Kung Fu will benefit from watching the video.

Strong Kung Fu – Mr Woo does many balancing tricks that are all beneficial to and a product of Kung Fu training or Kung Fu like training. His focusing ability is also very useful to and a product of Kung Fu training or Kung Fu like training. Anyone who is interested in Kung Fu could watch the video and use Mr Woo’s abilities as a way to gauge their own progress. Can the individual focus on an object well enough to balance it on various parts of their body? Or bounce an object from one part of their body to another? If not, how would you fare against a Kung Fu man who did have those abilities?

Strong Yin – Mr Woo is able to do those tricks because the Yin part of his body has been strongly developed by the Kung Fu training. The main physical signs of Strong Yin are the thickness of his legs and the size and roundness of his head. A person interested in Yin Yang Theory would want to pay special attention to how Strong Yin changes the body. Both the size of Mr Woo’s legs and his head are a sign of Strong Yin development. If the individual is already or planning to strengthen the Yin part of their body, they can compare their body to Mr Woo’s to see if the changes are taking place in their own body.

Strong Energy – Mr Woo is treating the soccer ball as if it is his energy. That is why he can make it do exactly what he wants. The soccer ball can be visualized as if it is physical object that just happens to be at the same location as Mr Woo’s invisible energy. The individual interested in the energy of the human body should watch the video to learn what it is possible to do if they become aware of and learn to manipulate their own energy.

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