“Coke Bottle” Glasses And Buck Teeth – The Secrets Of Life 13

Back in the 1800’s or so, Chinese laborers were brought into the United States to work on a railroad. The Chinese people were treated poorly and discriminated against. This attitude stayed with the culture of the people up into the 1960’s or 1970’s. There are still some signs of the attitude to this day.

One of the stereotypes of Chinese people was that they wore large “coke bottle” glasses and had buck teeth. This stereotype was played upon in the early 1930’s or 1940’s by various movies with characters like Charlie Chan. Later on, Chinese people had a reputation for driving poorly. This gave rise to car stickers that showed an Asian faced person with coke bottle glasses and buck teeth behind a steering wheel.

Here is a present day picture of someone doing an imitation of what they old stereotypes and stickers looked like.

The man has the large rimmed black framed glasses that are called “coke bottle glasses”. He has opened his mouth to expose his teeth in the stereotypical exposed upper teeth look associated with the term “buck toothed”.

In the next picture, the man has extreme buck teeth.

This man is posing for something else. His teeth still present the stereotypical look ascribed to Chinese people in old times.

A person who watches Chinese movies will notice an interesting fact. When these movies portray a person who is a simpleton, or a person who is mentally challenged, they will almost always show them as buck toothed people.

Chinese people are clever. They like to show their superiority by ridiculing someone to their face in such a way that the person does not know they are being ridiculed. But anyone else who is on the same level as the Chinese person will understand exactly what the ridicule or insult is.

When the Chinese people first encoutered white people, they called the “gwai lo”, or barbarians. This is usually described as a term used in an insulting or desparaging way. That is true, but not in the way that western people believe.

Western people believe the term barbarian was used as an insult like a hurtful word. As in calling someone ugly. That is not what the Chinese people meant. The Chinese people really meant that white people were barbarians.

Something that most white people will not like to hear is that the Chinese were factually correct in their estimation of white people. Chinese people on average are more sophisticated than white people.

What does this have to do with Coke Bottle Framed Glasses and Buck Teeth stereotypes?

The white people in the USA ridiculed the Chinese for having big glasses that made their eyes look big. They tried to shame them for having protruding upper teeth like a rabbit.

What the white people did not know was that they were humiliating themselves.

The Chinese people put on the big framed glasses and the buck toothed look because to a Chinese person, that is what most white people look like. A white person looks like they have big googling eyes like the eyes of a fish or a carp and big stupid looking protruding upper teeth.

The Chinese people were acting like a mirror for the physical appearance of any white person that looked the Chinese person in the face. When the white person made fun of the Chinese person, they were making fun of their own physical appearance.

There is a physical reason for this. It is not genetics or any of that other baloney. The difference in appearance between the average Chinese and the average white person is based on knowledge. The Chinese are smarter and more sophisticated in their knowledge of the human body. This gives them superior intellect and strength compared to the average white person.

Any white person can change themselves to look like an Asian person with a fat head and squinty eyes. It will take almost their entire lives though. The white person is handicapped in that they wasted their childhood with bad practices that did nothing to develop them into human beings. The Chinese people have an advantage in that they are rasied from babies in what they should do so that they develop into true superior human beings.


  1. The guy with the teeth is Eric from the defunct ‘Emotion Eric’ site. He’s doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. His teeth aren’t ‘buck’ at all, he’s photoshopped a gap between his teeth.

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