Why Gay Is Wrong – The Secrets Of Life 10

Gay is unhealthy. That is because the human body is designed to be Visually Bilaterally Symmetric, and homosexuality is strongly associated with Asymmetry of the body

That fact is not a new discovery by the author of this blog. According to the author of this blog, the fact that gays usually have an asymmetric body has been known for hundreds of years.

Another word for Gay is “Homosexual”. The prefix “homo” can be interpreted as meaning one, as in “two members of one and the same sex”.

Interpreting the prefix “homo” as “one”, the author argues the label “homosexual” was originally applied to a human being whose body looked as if it was one sided. The fact that those physically one sided people all desired other members of the same sex was an interesting coincidence.

The image below was created as a graphic that could be applied to clothing and posters to visually demonstrate the previous statements.

A person meant to represent a normal, physically symmetric, healthy human being is shown on the upper left with descriptive labeling underneath.

An image of three homosexual men is shown on the right, with statements about the right and left halves of their bodies not being symmetric underneath.

A copy of the symmetric human body was cut in half and the left half was reduced in size by 50%. The two normal and shrunken body halves were pasted to the bottom of the image with a question underneath.

When shown the above graphic and asked if it looks like the bottom person is a healthy human being, the vast majority of people will instinctively know that person is suffering from some kind of health problem, because of the massive size disparity between the right and left halves of the body.

The claim by Happeh Theory that an asymmetric body is associated with health problems is an easy one to verify. When most people look at a picture of another person whose body is visually symmetric such as this person,

they react in a positive way. Human beings instinctively know that another human being whose body is symmetric like the woman’s is, are healthy human beings.

Most people who look at the picture of an asymmetric human body like the one shown in this picture

usually react in a negative way. They instinctively know that there is something unhealthy with this individual because of the obvious mismatch in appearance between the right and left halves of his face.


  1. Wow. You have convinced me that Gay Is Wrong™ with this colourful presentation of Halves™. I now fully believe your word and starting tomorrow, I will stop being this gay. Like, so gay. Fully, openly gay.

    I will stop.

    Purely because of these meaningful pictures.

    You should be proud of yourself for creating these.

    So proud.

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