A Video Example of Internal And External Body Types – The Secrets Of Life 05

¬†Chinese culture defines the human body as having two types of strength. The translation for those Chinese concepts are “Internal Strength and External Strength”.¬†

That information can be confusing for Westerners, because there is no similar body concept in Western cultures.

Chinese writings on the subject are difficult to decipher because of poor translations, or because the material is written in a literary and flowery style that Westerners with a modern technological based education cannot comprehend.

There is also the possibility of purposeful secrecy in some of the material. The characteristics and abilities of a people who understand the concepts of internal and external body strength are different and almost always superior, to the characteristics and abilities of people who do not have the concepts of Internal and External Strength.

The following short video shows two professional fighters walking onstage at a fight promotion. The body of one of the men has the characteristics associated with External Strength, while the other man has a body that displays the characteristics of Internal strength.

There are only two men in the video clip. Try on your own to decide which man has an External Strength type of body and which man has an Internal Strength type of body.

The only clues you should need is that Internal Strength is associated with softness, while External Strength is associated with Hardness.


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