What Is The Purpose Of Wearing Sagging, Butt Crack Exposing Pants? – The Secrets Of Life 02

The video linked below explains why people wear low hanging pants that reveal their butt crack. ( The production values are primitive because the video was created a long time ago. )

A web page duplicate of the video is also provided for those who prefer to read, and for more leisurely study.


This video is about why the fashion of wearing baggy pants was developed. The reason is related to this picture of an old Kung Fu master.

Here is the example human model.

This object will represent a pair of snug fitting pants.

Because the pants are snug, they stay where they are.

Next, the pants are made larger to mimic the baggy pants style.

Because the pants are too big they want to fall down to the ground.

How does the the person stop his pants from falling to the ground?

The person does a very simple thing. The person widens his legs by rotating his knees outwards.

When the baggy pants begin to fall down now, the wider legs hold them up.

This is what the wide knee’d example model looks like underneath the baggy pants.

If we compare the picture of the model to the picture of the old Kung Fu master, they both have their knees rotated outwards.

The Kung Fu master is not wearing baggy pants so why are his knees rotated outwards?

His knees are rotated outwards because that is a hallmark of one kind of Kung Fu practice.

Here is a skeleton model.

This bone

is the sacrum or tailbone.

One of the principles of some types of kung fu is tucking the tailbone.

If the sacrum is rotated or tucked under, the legs will tend to rotate outwards.

Tailbone tucking makes the knees rotate outwards. The master’s pants obscure his tailbone from view.

The fashion of baggy, gangster style pants

were invented to train people to tuck their tailbones.

Even though the people do not know what is happening, they must tuck their tailbone and widen their knees to hold up the baggy, gangster style pants.

These people are tricked into gaining the physical and mental benefits associated with the practice of Kung Fu.

Support for the claims in this video come from the picture of the example man. The man in the example picture looks very strong, and his knees are spread wide.



  1. I heard it was invented in prison for the eazy access to bootyhole then turned into fad.They also scrape off brick to use as eyeshadow..but if someone had little or no exposure to this deplorable lifestyle and practiced a lot of martial arts ..

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