A Totem Pole Is A Representation Of A Human Body – 06

The human body can behave in many different ways other than as the, two armed, two legged, one headed creature shown in this picture.

For instance. According to The Single Cylinder View Of The Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models of the human body created for Happeh Theory, the human body can behave like a cylinder. That cylinder is located approximately as shown in this picture.

The cylinder can be visualized as being submerged under the surface of the normal human body. The cylinder can affect the normal body by exerting a cylindrical force on it, which will give the body of people in whom the cylinder is strongly developed, a vaguely cylindrical look. 

Now please examine this picture of what is called a “Totem Pole”.


Totem Poles are commonly associated with American Indian cultures. A large number of theories have been put forth to explain why Totem Poles were originally created, and why they were significant to American Indians.

According to the Happeh Theory, Totem Poles are evidence that American Indians knew about The Single Cylinder Of The Human Body. Building Totem Poles was their way of demonstrating their knowledge of the cylinder within the human body. 

The similarity between The Single Cylinder View Of The Human Body and a Totem Pole, can be seen in this comparison picture.

Both objects are cylindrical,

and both objects have a face at the top of the cylinder.

While that may seem like a very simple similarity to base such a claim on, what would better demonstrate someone’s knowledge of the cylinder within the human body besides a cylinder with a face on it?

There are two questions that statement raises. Why are the faces on Totem Poles animal faces? And why do Totem Poles have multiple faces on them instead of just one face like a regular human body?

The reason why Totem Poles have animal faces, can be explained by the beliefs of primitive cultures, that people had personalities that resemble those of animals. A Totem Pole with fierce animal faces like Eagles or Bears would be representations of a strong people with independent and proud personalities like an Eagle, or quiet but ferocious if provoked personalities like a Bear.

One possible reason for Totem Poles to have multiple faces would be for artistic purposes. Having only one face,


at the top of a bare cylinder,


would not look appealing.

Covering the bare cylinder under the top face,


with additional faces,


would make the Totem Poles more eye pleasing, as well as remaining true to the purpose of the Totem Pole, which was to present a cylindrical object with faces on it to demonstrate knowledge of the cylinder within the human body.

The following picture gives another possible reason a Totem Pole has multiple faces on it.

Maybe a Totem Pole has multiple faces because it is supposed to show a group of people? See how all of the living creatures lined up behind each other,


would look like a Totem Pole if there was a cylinder centered on them?

And one more possible reason for creating Totem Poles with multiple faces, is that a cylindrical object with multiple faces is a representation of an actual human body. How can that be though? There is only one face on the human body located on the head isn’t there?


While the human body does have only one face with a functioning nose, pair of eyes, and a mouth on it, the basic structure of that face is duplicated in other places on the body. The torso for instance,


contains a duplicate of the structure of the face on the head. This picture shows a man with a drawing of a face outlining the face structure located on the torso.


Each chest is one of the eyes,


the nose is in between and underneath the ribcage,


and the stomach is the mouth.


The artistic reason for carving multiple faces on a Totem Pole is most likely the correct one, because the faces on Totem Poles are all different,


while the multiple faces that can be found on the human body,


will all tend to look similar since they are duplicates of each other.



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