“Lines On Pictures Don’t Prove Anything!”

The title of this blog entry is one of the most frequent responses of people who come across Happeh Theory material. Happeh Theory material relies heavily on the use of example pictures with arrows and lines added to highlight areas of interest in each pictures. For some reason a practice that is used by almost every serious educational discipline from grade school through college, seems to be confusing to an astonishingly large number of people. 

Because so many people respond to Happeh Theory material by saying “Lines On A Picture don’t prove anything”, it was thought this real life example of one of these situations might be helpful.

What is hilarious about his particular example is that the man saying “Lines On A Picture don’t prove anything” claimed to be an Engineer. Most of engineering involves working with pictures with lines drawn on them. How could he say “Lines On A Picture don’t prove anything”, when his own educational specialty involves pictures with lines on them?

The man, whose internet nickname was “MRM”, began by saying:

No Happeh, I award you no points. You have proven nothing. Drawing lines on pictures and making statements you can’t back up about people’s hairstyles and the shapes of their heads is not proof that the human body contains some form of mystical “energy.” Hairstylists are not experts in Yin-Yang. People get their hair cut in particular styles based on what looks good on them or what is popular at the time. You are making associations where none exist. This is not proof. “

Happeh responded by saying:

MRM’s statements are foolish and easily proven so. The picture below is an X ray of a human skull.

There are some lines drawn on the X ray and a caption by the upper line. Those lines and that captioning were drawn on that X-Ray by a trained medical professional. Yet MRM, who claims to be an engineer with a college degree, is arguing that lines such as those on the X-Ray are meaningless scribbling.

The next picture shows an X ray of a human hand.

The hand X ray has seven arrows on it that appear to be highlighting various bone joints in the hand. Each arrow has a numeric label. According to the statements made by MRM though, the arrows and numbers on the X-Ray are not imparting any information of value.

The next picture shows a mammogram of a breast. There are two lines with labels highlighting the main mass of the breast and the nipple. 

X rays are used every day all over the world to detect various health ailments. Trained Health professionals will put marks on those X rays, guided by what they have learned during their professional training.

But according to MRM, who claims to have graduated college with an Engineering degree,  “lines on a picture don’t prove anything!”.

The next picture demonstrates why it is so hard to believe what MRM is saying, unless he is not telling the truth about being an engineer with a college degree. It is impossible to graduate with an engineering degree without taking mathematics and physics classes. Both of those disciplines make frequent use of diagrams like the one shown below. 

That diagram is an illustration for a problem involving determining the forces acting on that system. An engineering student has to solve problems using those kinds of diagrams in order to pass basic engineering classes. Those problems require mathematics to solve, so mathematics classes also use similar diagrams to train the students in math.

If MRM really did graduate college with an engineering degree, how did he do it without solving problems that require diagrams with lines drawn on them, if MRM really truly believes that “Lines On Pictures don’t prove anything”?

It seems that MRM’s opinion must be based on one of three possibilities:

(1) – MRM really is an engineer with a college degree, but his antipathy towards Happeh Theory is making him respond emotionally instead of intellectually.

In his zeal to dismiss Happeh Theory, he has forgotten that his own engineering training involved the use of images with lines on them, just like Happeh Theory does.

(2) – MRM is lying about being an engineer with a college degree.

That would explain why he never thought about how easy it would be to provide examples like X-Rays and Engineering drawings to prove he was wrong.

(3) – MRM is a hater that is fully aware that lines on images have been used throughout human history to communicate valuable information.

The only reason MRM is insisting Happeh Theory is false and “Lines On Pictures do not mean anything”, is that he is so full of hate towards the creator of Happeh Theory, that he is consciously making completely false statements in order to deride and dismiss the claims of Happeh Theory.



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