Human Headgear And Alien Skulls

The following picture shows what is called a “diadem” on the head of a human being.

A line is drawn under the diadem to emphasize it’s angle across the head.

The next picture shows a human being wearing what is called a “kippa” or “skullcap”.


A line is drawn under the bottom of the skullcap to emphasize it’s angle across the head.

The following picture shows a skull of unknown origin. Some people believe it could be an alien skull. Whether it is or not is not does not matter for the purposes of this blog entry.

A line is drawn from approximately the back of the eye sockets to approximately the back of the jaw to separate the face part of the skull from the rest of the skull.

In the pictures of the diadem and the skullcap, the amount of skull separated from the face by the diadem or the skullcap is relatively small.

The section of head separated from the face of the alien skull is gigantic!

The next picture is provided so the similarity between the angle of the line separating the head of the alien from it’s face, the angle of the diadem cutting across the gold example head, and the angle of the kippa cutting across the real life head can be easily seen.


If someone cut off the skull above the diadem on the gold example head,

or cutoff the skull above the lower boundary of the kippa,

and extended them outwards from the back of the skull at the same angle they have to the skull when they are attached,

they would look similar to the alien skull.

Is that similarity just a coincidence or does it mean that the skulls are related in some way? As in maybe the length of the alien skull shrunk closer to it’s face down until it became a human looking skull? Sound hard to believe?


First the center of the Alien skull is removed.

Then the top of the skull is moved down,

and joined to the face part of the alien skull.

Looks like a human skull doesn’t it?

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