Man Yawning – Energy Analysis 004

According to Happeh Theory, human beings have what is commonly referred to as “energy”. That energy is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can have an effect on other living things.

This blog entry will discuss some of the energy interactions found in the example picture below.

The photo is focused on the man wearing the blue shirt.

The energy of a human being is frequently but not always related to the condition of their physical body. The man in the blue shirt has large shoulders and a large chest,

which would indicate he has strong energy.

If the man in the blue shirt does have strong energy, then that energy will travel away from him and affect the people around him.  His energy will tend to make the people around him mimic his physical actions.

The man in the blue shirt is doing two obvious things. One of them is that he has opened his mouth wide open as if he is yawning. If human beings really do have energy, and that energy can really travel across a distance and affect other living creatures, then some or all of the other people in the picture should look like they are opening their mouths in a way that resembles a yawn.

Inspection of the picture reveals that there are two men who have their mouths open.

Both of those men also happen to be right next to the man in the blue shirt. That fact is relevant because the strength of the energy of a human body is related to distance. The energy will be stronger and have more of an effect on objects closer to it, while the energy will be weaker and have less of an effect on objects further away from it.

The man in the blue shirt is also doing something else that is not visible to the naked eye. The right arm of the man’s energy body is reaching up to his head as shown in the next picture.

The arm of the energy body cannot be seen because as it was stated earlier, the energy of the human body is invisible. The only way to know what the energy body is doing is to look for it’s effects on the physical body.

If the man’s right energy arm really is raised upwards as shown in the picture, then there should be some evidence of it’s influence on the other people in the picture.

Inspection of the picture reveals that the man directly behind the man in the blue shirt his arm raised up to his head in almost the exact same way as the drawn in arm on the man in the blue shirt.

In fact, if you examine the entire picture, there are five other people who have their right hand raised up to their head or raised upwards by some amount.

Learning to see the energy interactions between human beings is relatively easy. Look for odd coincidences in any pictures you come across, because there are no coincidences. If you see a picture with seven people rasing their right arm up for no apparent reason, that is not a coincidence. There is some kind of energy interaction going on between those seven human beings because it is statistically impossible for all seven of them to just happen to be holding their body in a similar way.

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