Woman On Couch – Energy Analysis 016

What do you see when you look at the example picture? A person reclining on a couch?

The next picture shows one possible thing you might see if you can see what is commonly referred to as “the energy” of the human body.

The circle highlights the location or focal point of the woman’s energy body.


  1. The woman is sitting on a couch right? Her buttocks are on the seat of the couch and her left arm is braced on the top of the couch.

    Why is the right side of her body curved? It looks like her body is curved so she can listen to the phone. Like she thought to herself “I want my body to curve on the right as I listen to the phone”.

    The curve in her body also looks like some circular object pressed into the side of it, even though there are no physical objects there. The yellow circle represents the approximate size and shape of the circular object necessary to indent her body the way that it is.

    That is one definition of “seeing energy”. Seeing the effects of physical objects or physical actions even though the object or action is not present and not visible to the eye.

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