The Entire Body Is Interconnected – Example 01

This series of posts is devoted to demonstrating the entire human body is interconnected. What exactly does it mean that “the entire human body is interconnected”? It means moving any part of the body moves the entire body by some amount in a related way. The picture below shows the example for this blog entry. 

The man has his left arm raised upwards,

so he can point his index finger at something.

The rest of his fingers are curled back into his hand.

The man’s head is tilted down and to the left.

Why? There does not seem to be any reason for him to move his head. There is nothing in the picture he is ducking his head to avoid.

The man seems to be moving his head for no reason.

The reason the man’s head has moved down to his left is because the entire human body is interconnected. The same bodily contraction that pulls the left arm upward, 

also pulls his head down and to the left. 

While the entire human body is interconnected, it does not necessarily have to move in an interconnected manner. It is possible to isolate parts of the body and move them almost entirely by themselves.

Human beings that move their body in an interconnected way like the example human being in this picture, will usually move their body in an interconnected way all of the time. That is because their body has changed in a particular way that makes it hard for them to move just parts of their body.


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