Jul 162011

Human beings have energy. Although the energy of human beings is invisible, it can be “seen” by noting it’s effects on the environment around it.

This series of pictures show human energy in interaction with it’s environment. The reader who is curious about human energy should be able to train themselves to see energy using this series of pictures.

Here is the example picture for this blog entry.

The woman’s head is slightly tilted to her right,

while her body leans to her left.

The leaning of her body to the left forces her to lock her left arm and use it as a brace to prevent her body from falling over to the left.

The human body is designed to behave as if it’s energy is centered along the middle of the body.

The line in the next picture shows where the woman’s energy should be located according to the previous picture.

The leaning of the woman’s head to her right, the leaning of her body to her left, and the locking of her left arm to brace her body from falling to the left, all indicate the woman’s energy is centered along the line in the next picture.

Any movement of the energy of the human body away from it’s proper location centered on the body will change the way the entire body moves, it will change the emotions, mentality and personality of the individual, and will almost always be accompanied by some type of health problem. The type and severity of the health problems is dependent on the details of how the energy of the body has changed. 

As an example, the side of the body the woman is leaning towards, the left side of her body, has a smaller looking eye than the right side of her body,

and the left side of her mouth is more open than the right side of her mouth.

Both of those body changes have been caused by the shifting of her energy body from it’s proper location centered on her body.

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