Man Leaning On Tambourine – Energy Analysis 009

Human beings have energy. Although the energy of human beings is invisible, it’s behavior can be “seen” by noting it’s effects on the human body it is influencing.

The example picture for this blog entry is shown below.

The picture shows a man leaning on a circular drum. The man’s energy is moving to the left. That conclusion is based on the by the fact his physical body leans to his left,

and his eyes have moved to the left side of his eye sockets.

There are no objects in the picture the man is trying to avoid by leaning to his left. The man is not resisting anything pulling his body to the left. The man seems to be leaning to his left for no apparent reason.

That is one of the ways to spot what the energy of a human body is doing. The body seems to be doing something for no visible reason. Which is actually what is happening. Energy is invisible so it cannot be seen manipulating a physical body.

Supporting the claim the man’s energy is pulling his physical body to the left is the fact he has put his drum on the left side of the body and is leaning on it, as if to prevent himself from falling all the way over to the left.

The man could just as easily have put the drum on his right side and leaned to his right, 

but that would not brace his physical body against the pull of his energy body to the left.

In addition to stopping the man from falling down to his left, the circular drum has also affected the shape of the man’s energy.

The energy of the human body can be described as a cloud that hovers around the body, an ellipse that is centered on and encloses the body, or as a duplicate of the physical body that is centered on the physical body. Whichever one of those visualizations of the natural shape of the energy of the man in the picture is used to visualize the example man’s energy, that shape would have a circular depression in it approximately the size of the circular drum at the location where the physical drum is located at. 

What happens is that when the man plays the drum, his energy body deforms and shapes itself around the circular drum. Because changes to the energy body are transferred to the physical body, over time the man’s physical body has also deformed and shaped itself around the circular drum. The man holds the circular drum at exactly the location and angle it is in the picture because it is fitting into a hole in the man’s energy body at that exact location and angle.

The name given to that phenomenon is “You are what you do”, and applies to any imaginable physical activity the human body can engage in. If that physical activity is engaged in over a long enough period of time, the physical body will deform in some way related to the performance of the physical activity.

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