Boy With Bowl – Energy Analysis 010

Human beings have energy. Although the energy of human beings is invisible, it can be “seen” by noting it’s effects on the environment around it.

The example picture for this blog entry is shown below.

Hint: Ponder the relationship between the boy’s body and the bowl.

Hint 2: Compare the boy and his bowl to the bear and his ball.



  1. Pretty much everything you’ve said in all of these posts is completely false. Anyone can find still photos of people, point out the way their body is shaped, and without evidence, claim that they have health problems. All it would take to disprove all of your “findings” would be to show another picture of the same person/animal, in a different pose. Which wouldn’t really be saying anything because you’re really only saying that they “have health problems” because of the way their bodies are shaped. I can’t believe that you’ve actually convinced yourself that this is a real thing. All that you’ve “shown” us in this last example is a picture of a bear turning his head. What are we (or you for that matter) supposed to extrapolate from that image? This is unfounded and dumb.

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