A Globe Is A Representation Of A Human Body

A world globe is a representation of a human body.

Most readers are probably wondering how that can be. The first thing to consider is that a human being is born from an egg,

and an egg and a globe look very similar.

So why not just say that a human being is like an egg instead of a globe, if a globe and and egg are basically the same?

Because there is one significant difference between a globe and an egg. An egg and a globe are both spheres they will roll freely unless something stops them.

A globe has an anchor that holds it in place so it cannot roll away.

So while an egg and a globe are both representations of a human body, a globe is a more accurate representation because it can model a human body that stands still. 


  1. In one hundred million years, geologists say, the continents will collide in a fiery storm centered upon the north pole. A quick look at those lumbering beasts and you will see that they are just that.

    North America, somewhat canine but proud of posture. The island of Montreal is the hyoid, the hinge, New York the larynx. Those great lakes are cerebral ventricles and the soul leaves on a train to Detroit from a Pineal Station in Windsor. Farther into the great north lies the great untapped neocortex and alaskan cerebellum, which like that of man awaits deep mining and development. It has a Delaware cock, a Floridal front paw and a Mexical hind leg. It’s tail, though, is still hung in shame as the indians laugh Bajajaja!

    Eurasia appears devolved and insectoid. It has a small Spanish fly head with Portuguese ocelli. It has shoulder rising upon shoulder up to scandanavia, and is that whip a scorpion’s tail or a wasp’s wing? The Roman Boot is perhaps the only truly human anatomy, for a man’s boot is made to cover an animal’s foot. Elsewhere east, a great dangling Indian cock and Malaysian balls, a distinctly Chinese buttocks and the Koreas forming the two layers of rectal sphincter. The asian north holds even more siberian grey matter than the American strong-and-free.

    North America, small and vaguely feminine, Eurasia, large and masculine, both aimed at Sargasso which is sunken Atlantis (or is it yet to raise?). They are going to war over this poor little futbol. They are going to make love over it. They will twist together in a tectonic struggle at the North Pole, epiphysis of the world, and reform Pangea where peace may reign. The southern hemisphere will then be ripe for the mothership to land, or to be built, and the duality goes on.

    And what of South America, Africa, Australia? The Panamanian isthmus is a lightning bolt touching down. As we stand upon our feet, weight upon the earth, our gravitational acceleration casts an energetic double into the ground. That which lies beneath the equator is ballast and holds these great archetypal warriors back, but once their keels have drifted far enough above the equatorial margin, the threshold will be passed and a collision nigh. Silly man thinks he can unground this potential by digging canals (or perhaps they are just for boats to pass, and fluoride is just to whiten teeth). We know how deep goes the rock.

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