A Bar Magnet And It’s Magnetic Field Are A Representation Of A Human Body

The bar magnet and it’s associated magnetic field in the picture below are a representation of a human body.

Although it may not be clear from the image, the magnetic field lines form a toroidal shape around the bar magnet.

A toroid is basically a sphere,

with a hole in the center.

And a sphere is a representation of a human body because the human body has a center,

and the center of anything is always represented as a sphere.

The additional information that The Bar Magnet Representation Of The Human Body adds to The Sphere Representation Of The Human Body is in the area of construction of the entire human body. Here is the picture of the bar magnet and it’s magnetic field again.

The sphere representing the human body has to be constructed of some smaller components. The Bar Magnet Representation Of The Human Body offers one possible construction method. The individual lines of the magnetic field convey the idea that the sphere is composed of an infinite number of wedge shaped vertical slices.

That concept, that the human body is constructed from vertical slices, is not just a theoretical concept. It can be put to practical use by the individual who can comprehend the information being presented here.

The determined individual can if they wish feel something very akin to those vertical slices within their body if they pursue some type of advanced body development program with sincerity and devotion.

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