Jul 122011

The science of Phrenology claims that the shape of the head is related to the personality and mentality of a person. Phrenology has been deemed “superstitious nonsense” by modern science.

Today there is a news report on a study about noses. A man found that there are approximately 14 common nose shapes. Each type of nose is associated with a certain type of characteristic.

The nose is on the head. If the shape of the nose is associated with certain personality characteristics, then the shape of the head is related to personality characteristics because the nose is part of the head.

Modern scientist own work proves that Phrenology is a valid science. But they continue to claim Phrenology is not valid.

Sceintists R Really Stoopid aren’t they?

The news story is reprinted below


It is not often that he tops polls for his looks.

But Wayne Rooney has one of the most attractive noses in the country, according to researchers.

The Manchester United star’s nose – or rather its snubshape –

has been deemed among the most appealing by an academic who has completed what he claims is the first survey of its type to classify and record the different shapes of the human nose.

Before Rooney lets the compliment go to his head, however, he should know that those with snub noses are often viewed as lacking in maturity, warns the researcher.

Professor Abraham Tamir toured shopping centres in Europe and Israel, taking candid photos of people with interesting noses. He then sorted the 1,300 pictures and matched each with a face on a painting or other piece of art.

This revealed there to be 14 types of nose, with classifications ranging from ‘fleshy’ to ‘celestial’.

The most common, particularly among men, was the fleshy nose, best illustrated by Prince Philip, which featured on almost a quarter of all the faces studied.

Writing in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, Professor Tamir says those with such a nose are likely to be generous, emotional, helpful and sensitive.

But it is not all good news. In the professor’s opinion, both the ‘fleshy’ and the ‘hawk’ – such as Barbra Streisand’s – are among the least attractive.

The Roman Nose, seen on actor Tom Cruise, was sported by almost 9 percent, who were ambitious, courageous and clear-thinking.

Another classic, the Greek, as borne by Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, were found on just 3 percent.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe joins the 9 per cent who sported an aquiline, said to symbolise a cool tactician with a business mind.

Some 13 per cent had celestial noses, with celebrity examples including actress Carey Mulligan.

These, the professor believes, are most attractive along with the snub noses found on 5 per cent, and seen on Wayne Rooney. But while the snub shape may be attractive, it is not necessary a blessing.

Professor Tamir, of Ben-Gurion University in Israel, said: ‘The snub nose is a small nose sloping upwards at the tip. People with this frequently lack spiritual and physical maturity.’

Kate Middleton, however, can also claim an attractive nose. Her shape was frequently found in paintings, suggesting artists saw it as a thing of beauty.

The Rumpole: One in 200 have a bulbous beak like Leo McKern.

The Lenin: Broad with large nostrils, found on one in 25

The Redknapp: Just one in 50 have a nose like Spurs boss Harry

The Nixon: A rarity, fewer than one in 100 had a presidential proboscis

The Tara: Just one of 1,300 studied had a nose like Palmer-Tomkinson

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