The Yin Yang Body View

The Yin Yang Body View

The Yin Yang Body View is based on the Yin Yang sign from Asian culture. The Yin Yang sign looks like this.

The Yin Yang Body View is simplistic and obvious. The Yin Yang Body View applies to most life forms on earth, not just human beings. Please examine this picture of an animal for anything that reminds you of the Yin Yang sign.

The color similarity has nothing to do with the what you are looking for. You must use a little bit of imagination to see what is there. It will be good for you if you do a thorough job of examination before you move on.

Did you find anything obvious? I said you needed imagination because you needed to think outside of the box I put you in. It was necessary to improvise. The clues that were provided needed to be modified. The Yin Yang sign needed to be broken into two halves as shown below.

The Yin Yang Half shape is rounded and bulging at one end, then tapers off to a point at the other end. If you examine the picture of the cow looking for clues that involve the Yin Yang sign, there is one thing that jumps right out. A cow’s legs are fat at the top and narrow down at the hoof. The most obvious thing to do would be to superimpose a Yin Yang Half on the cow’s body, and orient it so that the point on the Yin Yang Half matches the thin area of the cow’s hoof.

There is now a Yin Yang Half on each leg of the cow. A white Yin Yang Half on the front, a black Yin Yang Half on the back. This is one of the secrets of the Yin Yang body view.

The Yin Yang Body View says that the limbs of an animal are motivated at a basic level by a structure that looks like a Yin Yang Half in a 2D picture. That distinction is important. The limb of an animal is a 3 dimensional object. The actual structure that motivates the limbs of an animal is different than a 2D Yin Yang Half. The structure has thickness like the cow leg, or the example below.

This is a turkey that has been plucked so that the body underneath is visible.

This picture demonstrates the Yin Yang Body View more clearly. The resemblance between the leg of the turkey and one half of the Yin Yang sign is more pronounced.

The shape match is not exact. The Yin Yang sign is a stylized artistic symbol. The leg of an animal is a real life growing thing that must be shaped in a functional way. Still, the large rounded part of the turkey thigh, narrowing down to the foot of the turkey, is similar in shape to the Yin Yang Half.

Now that we have seen how the Yin Yang Body View applies to animals, we can look at the human body. Below is the demonstration human body.

A human being is an animal like a cow or a turkey. Inspection of the hands and feet shows the same narrowing that the hooves of the cow or the feet of the turkey exhibited. Inspection of the human torso shows that the chest is large and rounded, as are the buttocks. Therefore, the Yin Yang Body View for human beings must look like this.

The large rounded part of each Yin Yang Half is placed on the chest or the buttocks. The tail of the Yin Yang Half then travels out towards the hand or the foot. A reasonable question is “Why place them there? Is there any reason other than shape similarities to place the Yin Yang Half on the arms and legs as shown?”. Yes there is.

When people view the Yin Yang sign, they only see the Yin Yang sign and nothing else. It was just shown that the Yin Yang sign could be split in half if a person wanted to. The Yin Yang sign can be broken down even further. The result offers the justification for why the Yin Yang Halves can be placed on the limbs of a human being or an animal. A Yin Yang Half is shown in the picture below for reference.

The approach to breaking down the Yin Yang Half is a familiar one. In a previous chapter, it was said that everything in the Universe is created from spirals. It has also been mentioned that martial arts and Asian philosophies focus heavily on the spiral. It would be reasonable to conclude that there must be a way to break down a Yin Yang Half into spirals.

The answer to how the Yin Yang Half is broken down into spirals can be found in your kitchen. Go in the kitchen and look at the paper towel holder. Doesn’t the paper towel holder with the paper hanging down look like half of the Yin Yang sign? Paper towels are wrapped around the central cardboard tube in a spiral. Here is a picture of a paper towel dispenser for examination.

Below is a comparative picture of the paper towel dispenser, the Yin Yang Half, and the paper towel dispenser with a Yin Yang Half outline drawn around the edge of the paper towel roll to emphasize the resemblance.

If the paper towel dispenser has the same shape as the Yin Yang Half, and the paper towels are spirally wrapped around the cardboard tube, it is reasonable to say the Yin Yang Half is also a spiral. The picture below displays how this looks.

On the left in the picture above is a drawing of a normal spiral. On the upper right is the Yin Yang Half. On the lower right is the Yin Yang Half with a spiral superimposed on it. The white dot in the black Yin Yang Half acts as the center that the spiral is wound around. The spiral begins at the center of the white dot and spirals around as shown on the lower right. At some point, the free end of the spiral moves outwards to form the pointed end of the Yin Yang Half.

The discovery that a Yin Yang Half can be described as a 2 dimensional representation of a spiral provides one answer to why the Yin Yang Halves are placed on the arms and legs of the human body.

Instead of the 2 dimensional solid Yin Yang Halves, as shown in the picture above, the Yin Yang Halves are 3 dimensional spirals inside of the body. Below is a simple comparison. The wind up roll for the paper towels is placed on the right nipple with the paper towels unrolling towards the arm.

On the opposite half of the body, there is a white dot on the nipple to represent the white center of the black Yin Yang Half. The solid black part of the Yin Yang Half is replaced by the spiraling black line that circles the nipple, then spirals out towards the hand.

In real life, the body behaves as if a Yin Yang Half shaped spiral is located on the chest. The chest behaves as if there is a horizontal, front to back roller for a paper towel roll located within it. The “paper towels”, the controlling fibers for the arm, roll in or out towards the hands. As they do, they simultaneously wrap, and unwrap, around the “roller” in the chest.

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